Second Chance

Emelia Richardson is on the X Factor. She wasn't meant to make it; she was the extra extra person, added to the girls competition. Emelia is just trying to survive and prove her place on the X Factor.


13. Chapter 13

I walked to the studio, half dreading what I would find. I almost sighed a breathe of relief when I saw that Ella was alone in the studio. Then I wondered, who else was I expecting to be there?

"Hi," I said, tentatively, creeping closer to her, unsure what to expect.

"Have you decided to be civil?" Ella asked, indignant.

"Me?" I asked, surprised. "Be civil? Why me? Shouldn't you be the one that should be civil?" Ella looked surprised by my retort. She opened her mouth, to answer, but I didn't stop. "In fact, I don't know why I have to be the one to make amends here. Why aren't you just happy that you have Josh to yourself? That's what you want, isn't it?" I fumed at her. "I don't know why I even tried coming here," I muttered, turning to leave, angrily.

"Wait." Ella's voice stopped me. I turned back to her, curiously. "Josh made it sound like you really hurt him." I sighed.

"Yeah, well, I guess I did," I said, impatiently. Ella looked at me, quizzically.

"Care to explain?" She asked. I sighed and sat down next to her. Ella crossed her legs and stared at me expectantly.

"So," I started, settling myself into the ground. "I was looking for you guys and I didn't find you. I was already texting Louis, and I started texting Liam. They came here from France so that I wouldn't be alone. I fell asleep and they woke me up and Liam kissed me. They insisted upon bringing me to lunch, so we did." Ella interrupted me.

"I'm sorry, but where does Josh come in?" she asked.

"I'm getting there," I said, patiently. "So as we were leaving, Liam and I kissed in the hallway, and Josh caught us," Ella gasped and covered her mouth, "I said his name, surprised, and he told me 'don't talk to me' and walked away."

"I don't see why Josh said that you hurt him!" Ella said. "What was he even doing in our hallway anyways? His room is on the other side of the building!"

"Right?" I said. "It made no sense at all!"

"He knew where we were, I don't know why he even came down the girl's hallway!" Ella was furious, her face flushing an angry red. "I'm sorry that I was so mean to you earlier! I didn't know!" She threw her arms around me. I laughed as I accepted her hug.

"It's okay," I said, giggling. Ella quickly pulled away.

"I have some choice words I have to use with Josh," she said, narrowing her eyes, in a joking manner. I laughed too.

"Don't hurt him too bad," I joked, poking her arm. I stood and brushed off the bottom of my jeans. "I'm going to go back to my room," I said. "I'll come back in a little bit." And I left the room.

I wandered through the hall, maundering over certain things that I hadn't thought about before. What was Josh doing in the girl's hallways when he knew where everyone else was? It made now sense at all; something wasn't adding up. I arrived to my room, opening the door, bracing myself for a wave of sadness in knowing that Carolynne as gone.

"Surprise!" I heard male voices yell. I jumped and let out a small shriek of astonishment. The boys were in my room. Louis and Harry were lying across my bed while Niall was standing over Zayn, who was sitting at my vanity table. Liam was sitting at the table in the middle of the room, grinning at me.

"How did you guys get in here?" I asked, still catching my breathe. "In fact, how did you get in here before?"

"You don't lock your door, Love," Louis answered looking at me, clearly amused.

"Carolynne always did it for me..." I said, trailing off. I realized that I had never once used my key. It had always been Carolynne who'd unlocked and locked the door for me. I never had to worry about it, and I was usually off with Ella.

"Don't worry about it," Liam said, taking me into his arm. "You'll get used to it, no time."

"Liam it's been three days," I deadpanned, looking him straight in the eye. "That's plenty long enough." I pouted and sat in his lap. "I don't know it hasn't clicked yet," I whined.

"You had a connection with her," Harry said. "It's not your fault."

"We just never dealt with that because it was us five in one room," Zayn said, "All we had to deal with was our messy room."

"Think of it this way, if she was a messy person, you don't have to deal with that," Niall pointed out.

"But it's Carolynne!" I complained. "She was perfect!"

"I thought I was perfect," Louis joked.

"Close, but no dice," I joked back. The boys all laughed as Louis playfully narrowed his eyes at me. I giggled at him.

"What do you want to do now?" Niall asked.

"Actually," I interjected, glumly, "I have to practice my piece."

"So, we're going to get to hear it?" Louis asked, sounded quite excited.

"No," I said, sending a pointed look his way. "You don't get to hear me."

"Now I really want to hear you," Harry complained.

"What's the problem?" Niall asked. "We all know that you're not terrible."

"In fact," Zayn said, plopping himself on my bed next to Louis, "we all know that you're phenomenal."

"Liam, tell them that they're being ridiculous," I said, looking up at him. Liam looked at me apologetically.

"Sorry, Love," he said, rubbing my back. "You're on your own." I groaned.

"Guys!" I whimpered. "I'm outnumbered! No fair!"

"Why don't you want us to hear it?" Louis asked. "I doubt it's as terrible as you think it will be."

"It's not that," I muttered.

"Can you at least tell us the song?" Harry asked.

"Then it won't be a surprise!" I grumbled.

"Why do you want it to be a surprise?" Niall asked.

"Because I'm not sure if I can do it!" I yelled. "There! I said it! Are you happy now?" The room was quiet as I glowered at the floor.

"Of course you can," Liam said, softly. "Whatever you choose, you will sound amazing!"

"Can you please tell us what it is?" Harry asked, quietly.

"I Will Always Love You by Whitney Houston," I mumbled.

"And you're worried?" Louis yelled. "You're going to be phenomenal! I don't know what you're so worried about!"

"I can't mess it up!" I wailed. "If you mess up that song, you pretty much ensure that you will be blackballed."

"No one's going to blackball you," Zayn said, sounding jokingly mocking.

"Tell me that someone's going to look at that angel's face of yours and blackball you," Liam said, putting a finger under my chin, lifting my head so that we were eye level.

"Someone's going to look at me and blackball me," I said, stubbornly. Liam kissed me. When he pulled back, he grinned at me.

"How about now?" I looked at him, dreamily, as if looking through a haze.

"I'm getting blackballed." Liam threw up his hands.

"I give up woman!" he said.

"Kiss me again, and we'll see if you can change my mind," I said.

"How about you don't?" Niall said, looking sick. I stuck my tongue out at him.

"Can we watch you practice?" Louis asked.

"No," I said simply.

"Liam, you should kiss her again to change her mind," Louis said. I slapped his arm.

"Shut up, Louis," I said. "I'm not that easy." Before I could get another word out, Liam's lips came on top of mine again.

"Please?" he said, quietly, looking at me with his big brown eyes through his eyelashes, making my heart skip a beat. I hesitated as the boys looked at me, expectant.

"No," I said, decisively. "Ella's in there and she's practicing and I would hate to bother her in any way. It's just not fair to her."

"Then sing here," Harry said. "No one will hear you. I don't think we saw anyone in here on our way in." I sighed. These boys were very persistent, and with Liam's kiss, I couldn't think straight.

"Alright, fine," I grumbled. The boys all cheered. "But only the first verse and not the chorus."

"Better than nothing," Louis amended. I stuck my tongue out at him, knowing he was right. I climbed out of Liam's lap and pulled my chair to the wall to distance myself from the boys. I closed my eyes and sat down in my chair, settling down into it, straightening my spine. I heard an irritated noise come from the room, but because my eyes were closed, I wasn't quite sure if it was Zayn or Harry.

"If I should stay, I would only be in your way. So I'll go but I know I'll think of you every step of the way." I stopped and opened my eyes, biting my lip. "How was that?" Liam rose from his seat at the bed. He strode across the room before enveloping me in his arms with a hug.

"I'm secure enough to admit that it nearly moved me to tears," Harry announced.

"That was amazing Emelia," Zayn said, earnestly.

"I have an idea of what I'm going to do," I said, surprisingly shy.

"Whatever you do, It's going to be amazing," Liam said, his voice genuine. I felt a smile spread across my face as I lowered my eyes.

"I hope so," I mumbled at my feet.

"I know so," Louis said. I giggled as I felt a hand slide under my chin, raising my head up to eye level with the owner. The owner of the hand was Liam.

"I know you will," he said quietly. "I wish I was sure whether or not we'll be here next weekend."

"You guys should go," I said, feeling my heart contract. "I don't want you guys to get in trouble for being with me!" I looked at their faces. "You did tell them where you guys were going, right?" The boys avoided my eyes and looked guilty. "Yeah, you guys have to go," I giggled.

"But I don't want to!" Harry complained. "I like it here!"

"It reminds me of when we were in the competition," Zayn said.

"But you guys didn't stay here?" I said, slowly.

"No, we didn't," Louis admitted. "But this place is nicer."

"But the iconic steps!" I protested. "Everyone remembers those!"

"Yes, and because of those, we still get large shipments of carrots," Niall said, dryly. I giggled at that.

"I'm sorry!" Louis yelled. "I didn't think that the fans would react that way!" He waved an arm at him dismissively. "We all said what we liked with girls, and I got carrots. In my defense, at least we didn't get large shipments of sports cars."

"Although, I wouldn't have minded sports cars coming into us by the dozens," Harry commented.

"Whatever you say, the fans still remember the steps," I said, stubbornly. "They really are a staple in your history. They'll never forget them." I looked up at Liam, grinning. "And neither will I." Liam grinned back down at me. The other boys all groaned.

"On second thought, we've got to get back," Louis said, stringing his arm with Harry's. "Come along Harold. We've got get to Rome!"

"Way to quote Gidget," Zayn said, hoisting himself up pulling Niall with him.

"We're leaving," Niall announced.

"Give me a minute," Liam said, insistently. The boys muttered a response, but they all left the room.

"What's wrong?" I said, concerned, though I didn't know why.

"I wanted to give you a proper goodbye," Liam said grinning down at me. With that, he crushed his lips on mine. He pulled away after a while a grinned at me. "Goodbye," he said, his cheeks reddening slightly. I pulled him back down to me. This kiss was soft. The most amazing kiss I'd ever had in my whole life. It was soft, but firm all at once and made me catch my breathe before we made contact. It was long and slow and it pained me to pull away.

"Goodbye," I said with a grin.

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