Second Chance

Emelia Richardson is on the X Factor. She wasn't meant to make it; she was the extra extra person, added to the girls competition. Emelia is just trying to survive and prove her place on the X Factor.


10. Chapter 10

Today is the hardest day in the world. I have to say goodbye to the woman I called my mother for a week, and I have to say goodbye to the five boys who have taken me in as their own.

I trudged down the steps that lead to the lobby, unwillingly. Today was going to be one of the hardest days whilst on the show. I finally made it into the lobby and saw Carolynne hugging others around her. I tugged on the sleeve of my sweatshirt as tears pricked my eyes.

"This is the hardest part of it all," a low voice said into my ear. I looked up. It was Liam. My mind instantly flashed to last night, but I hastily pushed the thoughts away.

"Does it get any easier?" I asked, my voice sounding small and diminished. He shook his head.

"Each day a new bond is made," he said. "Every loss is harder to bear. If anything, it gets harder after this." I felt my shoulders sag with defeat. Liam chuckled bitterly. "Not the answer you were expecting to hear, was it?"

"I was expecting it," I said, frustrated, "I just didn't want to hear it." Liam shrugged.

"I couldn't live with myself if I lied to you," he said. We stood in silence, watching Carolynne embrace new people. "Give me your phone," Liam said suddenly.

"Okay?" I said with a questioning tone, off impulse.

"What I meant is I want to trade numbers" Liam explained.

"Oh!" I said, sounding surprised and, to my horror, excited. I handed him my phone as I felt someone nudge me in my back. I looked up, startled, to see an amused Louis looking down at me, a brow raised. I narrowed my eyes at him. "Do you want my number too Louis?" I asked, innocently inviting him into my conversation.

"Why, of course!" Louis said, taking my phone from Liam as he had it outstretched to me. "You should get the other boys' numbers too!" I noticed that Liam narrowed his eyes at Louis, and took that as my cue to leave.

"I'm going to go say goodbye to Carolynne," I said, leaving before anyone could say anything else. I approached Carolynne, surprisingly nervous. "Carolynne?" I squeaked. She turned to me, a sad smile spreading across her face.

"Emmy," she said. Then she silently hugged me. I forced the tears to stay behind my lids as I fiercely hugged her back. "Sing your heart out," Carolynne whispered into my ear. Then she pulled away from me. "For me." She gave me a sad smile. I nodded, vehemently, as if it could stop Carolynne from leaving. She kissed my forehead, and she was out the door. I bit my lip and forced myself not to cry.

"Emmy?" I looked towards the voice, my eyes swimming. I could tell from the voice and the colors the swam in my eyes that it was Ella. I was frozen in my shoes, or else I would've walked to her. Instead, Ella silently came to me and hugged me to her. I stayed there, not allowing myself any self pity. I felt a hand on my shoulder. It was Harry.

"We've better get going," he said, softly.

"Mizpah," I whispered.

"What?" Niall said, confused.

"She's saying goodbye without really saying goodbye," Zayn explained. "It's in the Bible."

"'Let the Lord watch between me and thee when we estranged from each other,'" Liam quoted.

"Now I'm going to cry!" Louis said loudly, giving me a ginormous bear hug.

"Don't cry Boo!" Harry said, loudly, joining our hug.

"Group hug!" Niall said, pulling Ella into our group hug.

"You guys!" I said, trying to be objective, but failing. "Now I'm going to cry!" Everyone pulled away, laughing.

"Just remember what you said," Liam said, caressing my cheek. "Mizpah."

"Come on Liam!" Louis said. "We've got to go!" Liam quickly kissed my cheek and went out the door, Niall and Zayn hot on his heels, hooting.

"Isn't that sweet?" Louis cooed at me.

"Oh, sod off Louis!" I said, punching his chest.

"Here's your phone," Harry said, handing me my phone.

"We'll text you Bubbles," Louis said, amused, as usual. Harry started pulling him to the door. "Remember Mizpah!"

"That was amusing," Ella noted. I nodded in agreement. "You got all their numbers?" I nodded again. "You guys got really close in one week," Ella noticed. I nodded, now wistful. I looked through my phone and laughed. "What is it?" Ella asked.

"Boo Bear," I read. "Hazza, Nialler, Bradford Boi, and Leeyum." Ella laughed. "Those boys are a riot," I said.

"They are," Ella said. "Even Liam?" I narrowed my eyes at her. "You guys got pretty close now."

"And you and Niall?" I asked. Ella blushed deep red. "Are you saying that you two didn't get close?"

"Not as close as you two!" Ella protested.

"I got close with all the boys, case closed," I said, closing the subject to any further discussion.

"Fine," Ella said. "We have to go and see Tulisa anyways."

We walked down the hall to go and find Tulisa.

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