Second Chance

Emelia Richardson is on the X Factor. She wasn't meant to make it; she was the extra extra person, added to the girls competition. Emelia is just trying to survive and prove her place on the X Factor.


1. Chapter 1

I was back at home, still sniffling into my twin brother, Trey's, lap. I'd been home for three days now.

Three days since I got kicked out of the X Factor. Knowing I'd come so close, but I'm still so far really hurt.

"Emmy, honey?" my mother asked, quietly and timidly, as the whole house had been from the moment I stepped back into it. The loudest noises reminded me too much of music. Reminded me of my failed dreams. "The phone's for you."

I sniffled loudly, but took it from her. "Hello?" I practically moaned the word. I'd barely spoken since I returned home; just sobs.

"Is this Emelia?" the voice on the other side of the phone asked.

"Who wants to know?" I grumbled.

"Are you home?" the voice said, ignoring my question.

"Well if you call my home phone and I answer, I would hope so," I snapped. In my defense, I'd come home very bitter towards the rest of the world.

"We'll see you soon." The phone clicked.

"Wait! Who is this? Who's calling?" I screamed into the phone, knowing that it was hopeless. Tears ran down my cheeks again. Not even random strangers wanted to talk to me. I promptly thrust my face into Trey's lap, where he methodically stroked my back.

About an hour later, someone knocked on the door.

"Who knocks anymore?" I sniffled, wiping the tears off my face and my nose. I got up to answer it.

"Emmy, I can answer it," Trey started, but I cut him off.

"You've been great T," I said, with a sincere smile. "I've got this one." I swung the door open and was greeted by a handful of people and cameras. Immediatley, I recognized Tulisa Contostavlos. "What's going on?" I asked, horrified. Were they starting a new show where they follow the depressed and disappointed losers that they kicked off the show?

"Emmy!" Tulisa grabbed me in a hug. "You're back!" I stood like a hillbilly and stared at her. "You're on my team!" My heart swelled.

"You mean I'm not out?" I asked, my voice shaking. I was still waiting for Ashton Kutcher to come out and yell "You just got punked!"

"No! You're not!" Tulisa gave me a megawatt smile. "I saved you! I fought for you to come back!" She soberly took both of my hands. "Emelia Richardson, will you do me the honor of taking you on my team?"

"Yes!" I shrieked, throwing my arms around her. I turned around and threw them around Trey next.

"Just wait, Emmy," Trey said, squeezing me. "Things will only get better from here!"

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