The value of love

Sarah is a twenty year old girl who just finished college and moved to London England with her friend Mara. They just wanted to relax, but they got the complete opposite. When Louis Tomlinson comes up to her and asks her out, and she rejects him, Louis will stop at nothing to get her. Or will another guy beat him to it. Will the man she hates become the man of her dreams, or will the lies and the secrets become to much for her to handle?


1. The man in black

I flung the door open and ran out. Hot tears streaming down my tan face. I didn't bother to pack, I just ran. I had to get away. Away from him. Away from everything that has happened. What even happened? What happened to when we were smiling and laughing and having a good time! I still remember the day we met.
Three months before
"Here you go sir! Have a nice day!" I said handing the costumer his drink.
"Thank you." He said in a heavy British accent. I love England, and the accents! Ever since I moved here two years ago I have always loved it. My friend Mara and I finished college and decided to move to London England and just relax. We shared an apartment together, and I worked at Starbucks and she works at Dairy Queen. Now I know that these arnt very good jobs for girls who just got out of college but we wanted to relax so we got easy but well paying jobs. Oh no here he comes!
"Hello sir how may I help you?" I say a bit agitated.
"I think you know what I want, love." He pauses and emfisizes the 'love'. But not in a creepy way, more like a cheeky way. He sits down in the exact spot he sits every day facing the cash register. Or in other words, exactly where I stand all day. The same guy in a black hoodie and sunglasses comes in everyday and sits in the same spot, and orders the same drink, and does nothing but stare at me the entire time. Then when he finishes his drink, he just leaves. People that worked here before me said that he always came in and ordered the same drink. But since I started working here, he only came when I was here. I walked over and have him his drink and walked back to the cash register. But when he finished his drink, he just sat there. Finally it was time to leave so I grab my things and leave. When u do the man gets up and follows me, but at a distance. I get to my car and as I open the door and am about to get in, someone grabs my wrist.
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