The value of love

Sarah is a twenty year old girl who just finished college and moved to London England with her friend Mara. They just wanted to relax, but they got the complete opposite. When Louis Tomlinson comes up to her and asks her out, and she rejects him, Louis will stop at nothing to get her. Or will another guy beat him to it. Will the man she hates become the man of her dreams, or will the lies and the secrets become to much for her to handle?


8. The ex and the fight

Louis's POV
When Niall and the rest of the gang showed up at my door I knew this night was going to be terrible. After I finally got everyone onto the couch to watch a movie the doorbell rang, again. I went to answer it and to my surprise it was the pizza man.
"Finally thank you!" I said in relief. I paid him and just about as I was going to close the door he stopped me.
"Sarah?" He asked as he stared into the living room where all the guys are watching a movie. He glared at me with evil eyes.
"I will be back tomorrow morning and you better be ready." He said backing away and running to his car. What was he talking about? I ignored it and brought the pizza to the kitchen. I hardly made a sound and they all came running in trying to grab a piece. It was a good thing I had bought two boxes. When everyone finally finished all of the boys went back to watch the movie, but Sarah had crashed out on the kitchen table. "Do you want to go upstairs?" I asked. "No I want to watch the movie!" She said, but she didn't move. "Come on, lets go upstairs. Come here." She turned towards me and stuck out her hands as to say 'carry me'. I turned around and she put her arms around my neck and her legs around my waist. I carried her upstairs and layed her down my bed. She got curled into a little ball and I covered her with the blanket. She looked so peaceful. I went back downstairs to make sure that the boys weren't getting into any trouble, and when I got back downstairs Liam and Zayn were curled up together on the floor, and Harry and Niall were curled up together on the couch. I got extra blankets and pillows from the closet and make sure that they were comfortable. I went into the kitchen to clean up when I heard some screaming and moving around from upstairs. Oh my god, Sarah. I quickly ran upstairs only to find Sarah screaming and moaning and wrestling with the blankets. I sat down next to her and whispered softly to her. "Shhhhh. It is going to be okay. Everything is going to be face." She immediately stop thrashing around and she calmed down. I was playing with her hair for about three minutes before I got up to leave. But as I was getting up she grabbed my arm. "Please don't leave." She said with her eyes half closed. "Ok." I responded. I sat back down and got under the covers next to her, and she curled up next to me. She put her head on my chest as I continued to play with her, and she fell back asleep, and it was not to long before I got lost in my dreams as well.
Sarah's POV
When I woke up the next morning I was still in my clothes from last night, and it looked like I had fallen asleep on Louis's chest. When I looked up I found that Louis was already awake. "Morning sunshine." He said with a big smile. I smiled back and put my head back on his chest but still looked up at him. "So what's for breakfast?" I asked. "Really, I just took care of you all of last night and now you are expecting me to make breakfast!" He laughed. But I did not find it as funny. I sat up and ran my fingers through my hair. I had completely forgotten about last night! And I did not remember a single thing. "Um, so what happened last night?" I asked a little afraid of the answer. Louis face relaxed, "hardly anything, with you at least. I think Liam hooked up with a girl, and Niall and Harry formed some sort of gay dancing relationship." This time my face relaxed and I laughed. "Speaking of the boys we should probably go check on them." He said. "Good idea!" I agreed. We walked downstairs just when all of the boys were waking up. As soon as Liam and Zayn opened their eyes, they screamed and jumped away from each other. Louis and I both laughed. When everybody was fully awake Louis and I started to make some waffles. About halfway through, the door bell rang. "I'll get it!" Yelled Harry getting up from the table and walking over to the door. "Hell........" Harry was cut off, and whoever was at the door barged in. As soon as he walked into the kitchen my eyes got wide and I gasped. Kyle. Kyle was my ex boyfriend who I dated for about two weeks, but he always tells everyone that we dated for two years and that I slept with him. He was always trying to get back together with me, but I always refused. I thought moving to England would get rid of him, apparently not. "Who the hell do you think you are steeling my girlfriend you bastard!" He screamed. Louis's face immediately turned bright red and he walked over to him so that he was face to face, but Kyle is only 5,2'' and Louis is 5,8'' so it was pretty weird. "What the hell are you talking about! She is my girlfriend and I don't even know who you are!" Louis yelled. I walked over to him to try and pull him away but he wouldn't back down. It was actually sexy how he was standing up for me against my ex. "You sir are a sick man and I am here to rightfully take back my girlfriend!" He yelled and pushed past Louis. But Louis was only getting started, he grabbed Kyle's arm, spun him back around and his fist connected with Kyle's jaw. Kyle fell to the ground in pain and Tried to get back up and punch Lou back, but it was no use. Louis nodded to Harry and he nodded back, try both picked up one of Kyle's arms and dragged him to the door, and threw him out on the porch. I went screaming after Louis to stop but Zayn held me back. Louis shut the door behind him and after that we just heard screaming and shouting. I eventually got out of Zayn's grip and ran upstairs. I couldn't bear to hear the noises of pain that came from any of them. Even though I do hate Kyle and he lies about our relationship, and he did cross a line with Louis but… I have no idea where I am going with this. All I wanted to do was cry. Kyle probably screwed up my relationship with Louis, and Louis will be mad at me. What have I gotten myself into!
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