The value of love

Sarah is a twenty year old girl who just finished college and moved to London England with her friend Mara. They just wanted to relax, but they got the complete opposite. When Louis Tomlinson comes up to her and asks her out, and she rejects him, Louis will stop at nothing to get her. Or will another guy beat him to it. Will the man she hates become the man of her dreams, or will the lies and the secrets become to much for her to handle?


3. Realizing

Sarah's pov

I pulled up to the building and Mara jumped in the car.
"Hey! How was your day!?" I asked her.
"It was good. How was yours?" She asks
For a second all I could do was smile, knowing how she would react when I told her.
"What!" She begged.
"I ran into Louis Tomlinson today at work." I say with a huge smile but trying to act calm. Maras eyes get wide and then she screams.
"Omg what did he say, what did he say, WHAT DID HE SAY!" She yells.
"He asked me out!" I said. This time her scream was even louder then the first.
Mara had always been a huge fan of one direction, I liked them but I was not crazy about them.
"So obviously you said yes right?!" She said.
"Actually I said no." I said with my smile starting to fade a little. Her mouth dropped to the floor and she smacked me behind the head.
"OWW! What was that for!" I screamed.
"That was for being so stupid!" She yelled back." How could you say no to THE Louis Tomlinson!"
"I hardly know him and he didn't even bother to take off his hoodie and sunglasses to ask me out. I know nothing about him and I am not going out with him because he is famous!" I explained.
"Oh you and your stupid theory of getting to know people!" She said. We both laughed.
"We'll would you feel better if I told you that I got gave him my number?" I said.
"Maybe your not so stupid after all!!" She said smiling again. When we got back to the apartment, my phone rang. I picked it up and it was an unknown number, must be Louis!
"Hello?" I answered.
"Hello love, It I me Louis." He said.
"Hey Louis what's up?"
"Well I was wondering if you are free right now, so we could spend some time together and get to know each other!"
"Yeah that sounds great, I am not doing anything right now and we can hang out at my place."
"Ok I will be over in a minute, wait umm where do you live?"
"18 cherry road." I giggled.
"Ok I will be right over!"
I hung up and turned around, but to my suprise Mara was standing right there. I screamed and fell on my but. She started cracking up, and then collapsed to the floor herself from all the laughing. Finally we both got up and I realized that I should start to get ready! I was still in my work clothes so I ran upstairs and changed into skinny jeans and a long sleeve shirt with the word love on it. Wow I didn't even plan that. I put my hair down from the bun and straightened it a little. Just when I had finished and everything looked perfect, the door bell rang. I rushed downstairs trying to get to the door before Mara, but she was a step ahead of me. She opened the door when I was at the bottom of the steps across the hall. There stood Louis, with out a hood on his gorgeous brown hair flowed across his face, and his eyes were a beautiful shade of blue. I stood there speechless as he walked in and looked at me right in the eyes. That was when I knew, that I loved him.
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