The value of love

Sarah is a twenty year old girl who just finished college and moved to London England with her friend Mara. They just wanted to relax, but they got the complete opposite. When Louis Tomlinson comes up to her and asks her out, and she rejects him, Louis will stop at nothing to get her. Or will another guy beat him to it. Will the man she hates become the man of her dreams, or will the lies and the secrets become to much for her to handle?


4. Getting to know each other

Sarah's pov

No. I couldn't be in love with Louis! I don't even know anything about him! That's the whole reason I said no to him. I have to get to know him better and then I will decided on my feelings for him. I can't jump to conclusions. Even if he is really cute.
"Hi." He started.
"Hi." I responded
"We'll I will just let you love birds have some alone time." Said Mara. She gave me an evil smile as she passed me and went up the stairs. I returned the look with a face that said "I am going to kill you later."
"So...." I said
"I was really suprised to hear where you live because I live just right down the street!" He said with a big smile.
"We'll that's great, we can visit each other a lot! Here do you want to sit down?" I said pointing to the couch. He nodded and we both sat down facing each other.

Louis's pov

When I came to her house, a different girl answered the door and I thought I had the wrong house. But then I saw her standing at the bottom of the steps across the room. Her hair perfectly straight and beautiful, and she looked even sexier when she didn't have her hair up and wasn't in her work clothes. She invited me to sit on the couch and I sat facing her, figuring this was a great time to get to know each other.
"So you said you needed to know me better if I wanted to go out with you. Tell me about yourself?" I said. I desperately wanted to make her my girlfriend, and I was determined to make it happen no matter why it takes.
"Well," she started" I love playing soccer and swimming, I play the violin. I love laughing or making people laugh, and I love just chilling with my friends and having a great time! What about you?"
"I love singing and dancing. I love playing soccer and I love hanging around people. I also love to laugh and I do believe that laughter is contagious!" I said. The last one made her smile, which made me smile. The rest of the time we just sat on the couch and talked about each other and laughed the whole time. By the time we finished it was 6:00 pm, we had been sitting there for three hours.
"Hey do you want to watch a movie?" She asked.
"Yeah sure!" I said, perfect situation to try and make a move. She turned on On Demand and she let me pick the movie while she went into the kitchen to make some popcorn. Before she came back I picked the movie.
"Which movie did you pick?" She asked.
"That's a surprise!" I said smiling.
She gave me a pouty face and sat down on the couch. I grabbed for the popcorn but she pulled it away and stuck her tongue out at me. I gave her an evil smile and then started to tickle her. She started cracking up but didn't give in. I started to reach for the popcorn, we fought for it until I ended up on top of her with our noses touching.
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