George Shelley is a 18 year old university student, he's you're typical England chap, gorgeous hair, beautiful smile, breathtaking personality & a voice of gold. But George isn't you're average teen, George is a foster care child. His father is the worlds biggest pop star. When George finally finds him, Will it change everyone's view on his dads?


2. Harry Styles.

Harry's P.O.V:


I stared at my son. MY SON. That's the son I gave up when he was born...because I put my career over my relationship. As you may know me, I'm Harry Styles, 1/5 of the worlds biggest  boy band, One Direction. I had George when I was only 18, I had just started my career and I was touring everyday, every month, every year. I had press, interviews, magainze photoshoots, so much to do it was overwhelming. So after George was born, I took a year off work to take care of George, but I was forced into work and had to give George away...I tried so hard to cope with the adoption...but I never could. I put my mind into music and tried to write to take away the pain...but I never could. It was just too hard.


"George?" I said. I felt my knee's go weak and my voice crack. Louis's hand was on my back and he was rubbing it to keep me calm. But I couldn't. I wanted to run and hug him, but for now, he was only a stranger to me. "Dad?" George said. His voice was rusky, like mine. He had hair like Louis just wavy/curly like mine. He looked exactly like a mix between Louis & I. "I don't know, if you're really my dad, but thats what I heard on TV" George said. I sighed. Understandable. But I couldn't shake the fact that my son was standing right in front of me. "But, if you are my dad..." George began. He couldn't finish his sentence. "I'm willing to establish a relationship with you." He said. I smiled. My tear fell from my eyes and I felt so happy. "Here's my number. Call me, text me, whenever." I said. George smiled. "I'll call you tomorrow, and we'll meet up at Starbucks." George said. I smiled and nodded. I walked George walk away and I  felt, the pain from the adoption all go away and I could feel my heart being repaired.

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