George Shelley is a 18 year old university student, he's you're typical England chap, gorgeous hair, beautiful smile, breathtaking personality & a voice of gold. But George isn't you're average teen, George is a foster care child. His father is the worlds biggest pop star. When George finally finds him, Will it change everyone's view on his dads?


1. George

Hello. My name is George. I live in Bristol, England and I live in foster care with my foster parents. I never really knew my parents. From what I was told, my parents had to give me up for adoption because they couldn't take care of me. My foster parents tell me that my parents are celebrities, internationally famous actually. Since the age of 13 I always tried to find my parents. But their names, addresses, nothing would come up. I always try my best to look for them everywhere, Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr. But no results come up. Today was the day I go out and look for them. All I know is that they are English and famous. I walked downstairs to the living room and sat on the couch. "Guys, I want you to know that when I find my parents, I will never ever forget you guys." I said. My foster parents sighed and nodded. I grabbed my backpack and walked out the door. I got in my car and sat in it. Trying to soak up what I'm getting myself into. I started my car and drove off. I drove to Manchester and parked my car in the parking lot and walked into town. I walked into a cafe to eat something before continuing my day.


I sat in the cafe and ordered some tea and a biscuit. I was looking at the TV when the news came on. "Breaking News, One Direction's Harry Styles comes out and admits to the press that he had a son, 18 years ago. He had a surrogat carry the child for him. Styles kept the baby for his first year of life but later Styles says that he couldn't keep his son because of traveling and preforming on tour." The news anchor said. I spit out my tea. I sat frozen, trying to soak up all of this news. "Harry Styles..." I repeated the name to myself. I got out of the booth, threw down some cash and walked out the cafe. I fell to my knees. My father, finally admitted to the press that he had a son. That son was me. I ran down the street and into a field. It was empty but I heard two people talking, they sounded like they were arguing. "Louis, I can't keep hiding it from the press.." Harry started. I froze. "But Harry, think about the consequences, thing about all the hate you're going to get." Louis stated. I walked closer to them. "Hello.." I said. Harry and Louis both looked at me. "I'm George...I'm looking for him.." I said while pointing to Harry. "George?" Louis said. I nodded. Harry's eyes filled with tears, so did mine. Harry walked over to me. I look up at him. "George. I'm so sorry..." Harry said. I sighed. "It's fine." I said. Harry shook his head, "No it's not. I abandoned you...that's never are my child..." Harry said...I sighed. I wasn't angry about the fact that he abandoned me. I was acutally happy that I found him.

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