In the comments leave your name and your dream boy from 1D and i'll make a storie about you both!!:)I'll be making a new one of these everyweek so you can still have a chance at getting your storie!!:) - Nicole Horan:)


1. Niall Imagine

You and Niall have been dating for 3 months now.Its your anniversery. "Niall do you know what today is?" "National Pizza Day?" "No Niall more important!" "Happy Birthday??" "Uhhg!Niall how could you forget?!?" You say running out of your house crying.You get in your car and drive.You dont care where your going you just want to drive.When you get home you see rose peddals on the floor making a path to your table. "Im sorry princess!!I really did remember but i wanted to buy some time to make this beautiful dinner!" "You really did remember?Dont lie!!" "Yes Babe i did remember!" "Prove it!" "On our first date it was october the first 2012 at exactly 8:00pm Our time!" "You did remember!!"You and him chatted for a while had laughs.He leans in to kiss you but you end up falling on the floor niall falls on top of you and Well....You know how it goes.You woke up in his arms and you felt like there was not anything that could ruin this moment!!He leaned in and gave you a kiss the he said "I love you Y/N." "I love you too niall!!" Then you both Kissed passionatly.

I hope you Niall Fans liked it!!!:)
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