In the comments leave your name and your dream boy from 1D and i'll make a storie about you both!!:)I'll be making a new one of these everyweek so you can still have a chance at getting your storie!!:) - Nicole Horan:)


4. Louis Imagine

The boys where gone on tour.And you started to miss louis you called him each night he was away just to say goodnight and i love you.You Invited perri over for a girls night out. "Hey Perri!" "Hello love..How are you handeling louis being gone?" "Not too well..Im a wreck!I was wondering if you wanted to go eat dinner with me." "Sure what time?" "I'd say 7:30." "Okay love!See you then." "Okay bye!".At seven thirty you met her at the restraunt and after words went to a concert. "Well i better go." Perri says tiredly "Okay well..see you later." The next eay you pick louis up from the airport.When you see him you Run into his arms and start crying of how happy you are. "Its alrught love im here!" "I missed you so much!!" You both kiss like nothing i nothing in the world matters. Then in the background you hear everyone say "Awww!!" You also hear "Louis And Y/N Forever!!" you can reconize thatvoice anywhere.Its harry!!!You also see the rest of the boys and you give them a hug.But then you hear screaming. "Uh-oh!" said louis "DIRECTIONERS!!!!"Yells harry you all run to the car.When you get home you fall asleep in louis's arms you were watching greese.When you wake up you see him looking at you and he asks you "Why are you so beautiful?" You lean in for a kiss when you hear a "ooooohhhhh!!" "Harry shutup" louis says then you continue.

I hope you louis fans liked it..
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