In the comments leave your name and your dream boy from 1D and i'll make a storie about you both!!:)I'll be making a new one of these everyweek so you can still have a chance at getting your storie!!:) - Nicole Horan:)


3. Liam Imagine

You came home mad at yourself because it was liams birthday and you STILL didnt egt him anything so you bought him a cake and you him and the boys.The sang happy birthday accapella
And it was present time.Louis got him a woody doll (woody from toystorie)And he laughed when ever he pulled the string and woody said "Theres a snake in my boot!" "Thank you louis!Its exactly what i wanted!!" Harry got him a Leona Lewis CD. "Harry thank you a lot!" "Well i know how much you love her!"He winked. Niall got him a months supply of things that you can eat with spoons but also eat with a fork. "Thank you niall?" "Your welcome!" he had an evil grin on his face.Zayn got him a book "How to raise a turtle."."Thank you zayn i love it!" "You welcome!"."Y\N do you have anything to give to liam?" asked harry.Bursted into tears and ran to your room. "Y/N whats wrong?" "I didnt get you a present like the boys did." "Its alright if you didnt.Your the best gift i could ever have!!"He said You unlocked the door wiped your tears and went down stairs.On the way down laughed because he loved to make cheesy pick up lines."Liam!!yourso cheesy when it come to pickup lines!!" then you both kissed passionatly.You took cake and yelled "FOOD FIGHT!!" You smashed the cake into his face and then kissed him witch caused you to get cake in your face too.The boys kept throughing food at each other. "Happy Birthday Liam." you whispered in his ear and then kissed him.Thats the storie of how you and liam started dating.

Hoped you liked it liam fans!
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