In the comments leave your name and your dream boy from 1D and i'll make a storie about you both!!:)I'll be making a new one of these everyweek so you can still have a chance at getting your storie!!:) - Nicole Horan:)


6. Katie And Harry❤

Katie came home from a stressful day at work.When she got home the boys where playing a video game."Katie can you make me a sandwich princess?" He asked you so katie got out everything and started to make it.After she made the sandwitch Liam came up behind her and grabbed her by the waist.Katie knew liams feelings for her.Harry saw and ran up to his room and started crying. "Harry are you okay?" you ask worried "No!I wish you knew how much i love you but it hurts me that you dont feel the same way!!" "Oh my gosh harry!Im sorry..Liam just did that unexpectedly.I didnt mean to hurt you.I even have feelings for you too!!I love you harry!" Harry got up from the bed and kissed you.The rest of the boy made noises.They even gave you two a pet name "Karrie." Months later your love started to bloom and it was beautiful!You both got married and had a baby girl named darcy.You both had a beautiful life together!:)

Authors note:This is to katie!A.K.A:KARRIE!!
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