In the comments leave your name and your dream boy from 1D and i'll make a storie about you both!!:)I'll be making a new one of these everyweek so you can still have a chance at getting your storie!!:) - Nicole Horan:)


2. Harry Imagine

You and Harry have been friends since the 4th grade.You and him tease eachother but have neer gotten into a fight with eachother. One day You where just chilling out in your flat reading a love storie when you hear a knock on the front door. "Hey whats up?" "Nothing really i wanted to know if you'd like to come to a radio talkshow." "Sure harry!" "So i'll pick you up at 7:00." "Okay harry!Bye!" so you go upstairs and get ready.You take a shower,curl your hair,Put on some make-up,And then your ready.You go downstairs and wait for harry.A few mins later harry rings your doorbell.You both go in his car.When you got there all the boys greeted you.At the end of the show they asked if harry had anyone special and he said "Yes.I brought her here todayI've know her since the 4th grade.Her named Y/N and i Hope she feels the same way too." "Do you?" asked the interview guy. "Yes i do!" harry has tears streaming down his face from how happy he is.He picks you up spins you around and kisses you passionatly.

I hope all you harry fans liked it!:)
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