Abby was normal and she liked it, well that is until she met the famous boy band one direction. But what happens when her bestfriend and roommate starts to date Zayn Malik?


11. Welcoming commite

Abby's POV

"I love you too, Louis." I say and he kisses me and I pull away and hear people 'aww'.

"LET US GO MINIONS!!" Leigh yelled and I laughed as we pushed our way out of the crowded airport and make a dash for the SUV and I hop in the back with Niall and Louis. I have to say Niall and I were like brother and sister since we all became friends.

"I LOVE CHICKEN WINGS!!" He yelled and Louis threw a sock at him and told him to put a sock in it, to which Niall replied by shoving the sock in his mouth.

"Dude!! That's gross Liam was wearing that!!" Louis yelled as Niall spit out the sock and tried to clean his mouth and Liam looked bewildered down at his feet to see that he indeed was missing a sock.

"How'd you do that?!" Liam asked astounded as Zayn and Leigh made funny faces behind his back.

"Your a heavy sleeper!" Louis replied and Harry and I started to giggle as Niall gagged.

"THAT'S DISGUSTING!!" Niall said looking sick.

"Poor baby!" I say and give him a tissue, which he stuck in his mouth. We spend the car ride mainly scolding Louis for being a bad influence to Leigh, but we also made fun of Zayns new hair well Leigh tried to defend him. Remember she tried.

"But it looks so, Uh, Honey Badgerish!" She said and we all laughed at her.

"Thanks babe but just don't help." Zayn said and I laugh so hard that I fell in to Louis lap.  

"Man how did you survive without her to defend you?!" I say and we all laugh. I missed these guys more then I thought.

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