Abby was normal and she liked it, well that is until she met the famous boy band one direction. But what happens when her bestfriend and roommate starts to date Zayn Malik?


5. Tim Hortons

AN: I just want to say thank you to those how took the time to read this and thank you for favouriting it and I also had a whole chapter ready to post when my laptop decided to leave the page deleting everything so I am not very happy because I worked for nearly 2 hours on it so this chap will be quite short because I am not in the mood to write a very long chapter. Please favourite if you think it's that good!! Sorry but I promise chapter 6 will be nice and long!

Louis POV

I push my head down as the lads and I rush in to a coffee shop. I pull out my phone to someone called abbyisthebest has started to follow me on twitter. I smile and look to see she posted her phone number online, I type it into my phone and send her a text. I look up to see the boys ordering coffee and Harry flirting with the cashier. 

"HELLO!!" I yell at them cheerfully causing Harry to grumble and the cashier to blush. I place my order and listen to the boys tease Harry about how with me around, he would never get a girl when the door clinked open and I see the last person I expect to see.... Abby and her friend. Abby has a iPhone out and one ear bud in and is watching something laughing and her friend (Leigh?) is rolling her eyes and texting someone while talking to Abby. Her friend, Leigh, stopped abruptly as she noticed Zayn tapped Abby on the shoulder. Abby looked up and smiled when she saw me. 

"Hey!" She says walking up to me ignoring the guys.

"Hey what are you doing here?" Ask her and she gasps and gives me this weird deer look.

"It's Tim Hortons why are you here?" She asks and I glance around to see a sign that did indeed say Tim Hortons.

"Really that's what this place is called?" Liam asked looking around with a surprised face.

"Well ya the famous hockey player Tim Horton-" But Zayn cut in with a groan.

"What?" her friend cut in with a hard tone.

"It's just that EVERYTHING here is just hockey this, hockey that!" Zayn said backing up slightly as she continued to look mad at them.

"Hockey is like my FAVOURITE sport! Oh wow that sounded very Canadian, eh?" Abby said cutting in with a grin. We laugh and and her friend loosens up slightly.

"Why don't you two order your coffee and we could sit together?" Niall said and we all nodded in agreement. 

"Ya sure Leigh and I will be right over!" Abby says and I high five myself inwardly at the fact I remembered her name correctly. I flash Abby a cheeky grin and she blushes slightly and turns around. I'm still grinning like a maniac when they sit down, Leigh and Zayn constantly flirting. I am so glad Liam spotted that diner.....


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