Abby was normal and she liked it, well that is until she met the famous boy band one direction. But what happens when her bestfriend and roommate starts to date Zayn Malik?


4. Hungover

Abby's POV

I woke up because I had to throw up which, in my opinion, was the worst way to wake up. My memory was still foggy about the night before but I could remember meeting someone named Ed and a song about cats, but that was all.

"Morning!" Leigh says walking in on me throwing my guts up.

"Morning." I croak out as she hands me a bottle of water. I take a small sip as my memory of last night starts to come back to me foggy. I went to a party with Louis Tomlinson and we danced and drank and drank and well, drank some more. I groan as I remember that today was Sunday and I have a shit load of homework to get through, but it would be even worse hungover.

"Man what time is it?!"I groan as I lean over and throw up some more.

"About 1:30, why?"Leigh responds and I jump up and grab the garbage pail on the way.

"Abby what are you doing?" She asks worriedly as I set the garbage bin down and get out my binder and drink some more water.

"Homework." I reply simply and open my text book and start to go through it, stopping occasionally to throw up or drink some water.

"Uh Abby you did your homework yesterday, remember?" She says taking out my books and showing me all of my finished work that I had obviously done the day before.

"Oh in that case goodnight!" I say sighing slightly in relief and grabbing my garbage bin and water and going back to sleep.

Louis POV

"Liam!!!"Niall yelled as he hurled in to the toilet.

"COMING NIALL!!" Liam yelled back rushing from Harry's room and going to get Niall a glass of water. I groan and lean over and throw up in to the bucket beside my bed, then roll back over and kick my blankets off.

"LIAM!!" Zayn yelled as he moaned in pain and Liam, sighing exasperatedly, went over to help his band mate. 

"I am NEVER drinking again!!" Moaned Harry as he took a small sip of water and got up, staggered slightly, then got a damp, cold cloth and layed back down.

"Hazza you say that every time you get drunk." Niall pointed out as Zayn had another violent vomit attack.

"Man Ed wasn't kidding when he said that the beer was strong." I moaned as they all nodded except Liam who ran around getting water, cleaning buckets and getting Advil. Liam muttered something about how they we're all lucky he couldn't drink.

"WE LOVE YOU LIAM!!" We all said in a sing song voice except Niall who threw up again in the middle of it.

"Man why did have so many beers?!" I groan in frustration as I throw up then take some Advil to subside the pounding in my head. 

"Because it was a Parrrty!" Zayn said in his weird voice before throwing up again.

"Sure doesn't feel like that now..."I say as I fall asleep while Liam runs around yelling at us to drink some more water.

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