Abby was normal and she liked it, well that is until she met the famous boy band one direction. But what happens when her bestfriend and roommate starts to date Zayn Malik?


9. Goodbye

I look at the clock still wishing time would slow down, but nevertheless, we left for the airport in 20 minutes. Sighing I pick up my phone and call Abby.

"Hello?" She asks groggily, I think I woke her up....

"Hey it's Louis!!!" I say trying to sound happy.

"Hey Lou it's 3:40, whats up?" she asks sounding slightly agitated but nervous. I hadn't slept at all last night because I was dreading this moment.

"Uh well the boys and I are, uh, going on tour again." I say nervously and wait for it to sink in.

"What about, you know, us?" she asks and I almost cry at how hurt she sounded. I swallow and think for a minute on what to say.

"Well I would try a long distance relationship if you wanted to...." I say and she's quiet for a moment.

"I want too." she says and I almost cry because i'm happy she didn't want to just give up on it all. "When does your flight leave?" she asks and I hear her scurrying around probably getting dressed.

"4:30 why?" I ask and I hear something crash and her swear. I hear a knock on the door and quickly get up to answer it.

"Ready to go mate?" Zayn asks sniffling and his eyes were red and puffy, probably from crying.

"Ya just give me a minute!" I say and close the door and throw the last of my stuff in my suitcase and hear Abby respond.

"I'll meet you guys there!" she says before I can protest and hangs up. I sigh and smile and grab my suitcase and head out the door.

It was about 4:10 when we arrived at the airport and we were immediately swamped by fans. Paul was yelling at them and we all vaguely smiled and waved for pictures. We were nearly through to the plane when I saw Abby waving dragging a miserable looking Leigh with her. I wave back and she runs past security and I hug her and swing her around. We stand there hugging for what must have been ages until Paul taps on my shoulder and says that we have to go and I reluctantly let Abby go. Just as we let go I see Zayn and Leigh hugging. As they let go we start to walk away until I hear Abby yell.

"Hey Tomlinson!" She calls and I turn around she runs at me and I pick her up and kiss her. I put her down and we break apart and I head for the plane with everybody else and I turn and blow her a kiss, and she blows one back. I turn and smile with the boys and act like my usual goofy self again.  

several hours and a long plan ride later......

I wake up to Niall yelling at me to get up and Zayn yelling at Niall to shut up. Sitting up I look outside, we're in England. London, England to be exact,and I quickly get my phone out and call Abby.

"Louis?!" she asks nervously.

"Abby!!!" I say as I grab my carry on and walk off the plane with the boys fighting over something that sounded suspiciously like Nandos. 

"Louis oh my god!! I miss you so much!!" she says and I climb in the back of the van and sit beside Liam and the window.

"Ya i'm in London and well I think it's safe to say Toronto is MUCH warmer than here." I say and she laughs. We talk aimlessly until we reach the hotel the boys and I are staying in.

"I'll call you tomorrow we just got at the hotel." I say and we both fight over who has to hang up first (Stupid I know right but well it was classic) until Niall grabs the phone.

"I WANNA TALK TO ABBY!!" he yells at me and I hear her laugh. They talk for a few minutes until Niall hangs up and passes my phone back. I think this long distance thing might work.......

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