Abby was normal and she liked it, well that is until she met the famous boy band one direction. But what happens when her bestfriend and roommate starts to date Zayn Malik?


3. Ed who?

Calming myself down, I walked in to the diner. Louis stood when he saw me and a grin broke out on to his face.

"Ready to go, love?" He asked me and held out his elbow. I snorted and suppressed a grin, he was soooo old school! He grinned again and put his arm down and we walked out the door in silence. He lead me to his car and I let out a small gasp at his probably VERY expensive Porsche.

"Do you like it?" He asked, this time it was his turn to smirk. I nodded and he opened the passenger door for me to climb in. I didn't object and he closed the door behind me and then went to the drivers side and started the engine. We drove in silence for about ten minutes until Louis tried another stab at a conversation. 

"So your currently studying..." He asked hesitantly as I looked up from my phone.

"Um well I want to be a history professor one day at a university...." I trail off stupidly and he smiles slightly.

"That's cool, and what about your friend, um, whats her name? The one in the diner with you today that was making googly eyes at Zayn," He asked turning to look at me before turning back to the road.

"Leigh? Oh she's training to be a doctor." I say.

"How did you two meet then?" He asked and I smiled at the thought about how we met.

"Leigh and I? Well we met in junior kindergarten, she was, uh how do I say it, outgoing."Louis laughed a little and I felt like he maybe a real person, not just a pretty face.

"So where are we going, anyways?" I ask after a couple minutes.

"You'll see."Louis said cheekily and I pouted.

"So Abby do you have any siblings?"He asks after five minutes. I would have fallen off my seat if there hadn't been a seat belt there.

"How do you know my name?" I ask because I don't remember telling him.

"We were in the car behind you guys when someone cut you off, and your friend told Zayn through twitter." He said laughing. I make a mental note to talk to Leigh when I got back home, when we pull in to a large parking lot of a, hotel?

"Uh Louis why are we at a hotel?" I ask as he gets out and opens my door. I step out and stand there awkwardly in my flats while he walks up to the door.  

"Are you coming or not love?" He asks and I walk up to him and enter the grande doors at the front of the hotel, I can't help it, I gasp at the size and beauty of it. Louis grabs my hand and pulls me over to the elevator and pushes the top button.

"The top floor?" I ask nervously.

"A bit afraid love?" He asks and I nod. I had never told anybody this but I was deathly afraid of falling off a building that was extremely tall. As the elevator dings that we have arrived a roar of sound greets my ears and I stagger slightly as someone that looks strangely familiar brushes past me. I turns to say sorry but a grin spreads across his face when he see's Louis.

"Louis, my man! And who is your date?" He asks with a strong british accent like Louis. He pulls Louis in to a bro hug then turns and smiles at me.

"This Ed, is my date Abby!" He says to 'Ed' who smiles to me and I smile back having no clue where I had seen that guy before.

"Well got to go guys! After all this is my party, see you later Lou, Bye Abby!" He says to us and disappears in to the crowd of people.

"Who is that?" I say to Louis as he pulls me to the bar and orders two beers.He looks at me shocked and is about to speak when one of his band mates (the curly haired one) comes staggering up to us with four girls trailing behind him.

"HEY BOO BEAR!! Wuz up?!" He asks obviously drunk out of his mind and smiling funny.

"Harry where's Liam?" Louis asks sighing as our beers appear on the counter. Out of the crowd a guy comes staggering up to us looking like he had seen a ghost.

"LYUM!!" Harry says pulling the guy in to a hug and starts to sing to himself some song about cats.

"That was the most disturbing thing ever!" Liam says sitting down and ordering a coke from the guy behind the counter. As it appeared Liam grabbed it and followed Harry muttering to himself.

"What's up with them?" I ask taking a swig from my beer.

"Well Harry he gets kind of, uh, well crazy when he's drunk so Liam who can't drink, is like Harry's babysitter while he's drunk." Louis explained taking a drink from his own beer. This was going to be the weirdest night of my life, I thought well Louis grabbed my hand and dragged me on to the dance floor.

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