Abby was normal and she liked it, well that is until she met the famous boy band one direction. But what happens when her bestfriend and roommate starts to date Zayn Malik?


7. Cool does not describe it

Leigh's POV

As I straighten my jacket I see Zayn step out of a car and walk up to me. I feel my heart start to beat about a mile a minute as he flashes me a smile, as I smile back he reaches me. Tonight was our date and he looked fantastic with his dark hair and single blonde streak. I feel myself smile widely as he reaches me.

"Hello stranger." He says making me giggle.

"Why hello there sir!" I say in return as he opens the door for me and when he follows me inside I smile up at him, seeing as he was quite a bit taller then me. As he smiles back I feel and see him grab my hand and that makes me blush, and smile wider. We walk in and I automatically see people staring at Zayn and myself, and it takes a minute to realize that I was holding his hand. I feel the waitress glare at me but before she can wait on us, one of the other waiters comes up to us and leads us to a quiet table in the back of the restaurant and I'm glad that hardly anyone else is back here besides a elderly couple and another younger couple with a small baby girl who waves her little hand at me and gives me a toothless smile. As I turn around and sit I feel my phone buzz. I quickly look at it and see about million messages from Abby asking where I was and one just saying 'CARROTS'. I'm guessing Louis hacked her phone or they were hanging out, so I quickly tap out a message and then turn my phone off.

"Everything ok, love?" Zayn asks me slightly worriedly and I smile and nod slide my phone in to my jean pocket.

"Yep I just forgot to tell Abby I was going out tonight and I'm guessing she's ok because I think Louis may have taken her phone." I say as Zayn laughs. That's another thing I can add to my 'Things I like about Zayn Malik' list. I sigh happily as Zayn and I start to talk about random things about our life's until our food arrives. As we eat our conversation turns to our family's.

"So, Leigh.... do you have any siblings?" Zayn asks hesitantly as he must have thought it was a touchy subject. 

"Yep, I have one older sister named Jasmine and one younger step-brother, named Kameron. I also have twin half-brothers, Jason and Max, on my mom's side. On my dad's side, my step-mom's about to have a little girl and I think they want to name her Caroline." I say and Zayn's eyebrows go higher as I say all my siblings names.

"Wow and I thought I had  big family..." He says and I nod in agreement. Then after a couple minutes silence he checked his watch.

"We better get going if we want to catch the movie." He says calling the waiter over and asking for the bill.

"Ok! Wait what movie are we going to see again?" I ask as I pull my coat back on.

"Paranormal activity 4." Zayn says turning, but before he can turn completely I see him smirk. Before I can respond the waiter has brought our check over. I pull out my wallet to split the cost when Zayn scolds me.

"Leigh!" He says causing me to jump, "Your not paying for this date!" He nearly yelled at me and I have to bit back a laugh.

"Yes sir!" I say back giving him a small salute. We're both laughing when we walk out of the restaurant, holding hands again. As we get in my car I turn on the radio and put it on low and we start to talk again.

"So what's it like being a famous pop star in the most famous boy band of our generation?" I ask him and he gives me a dramatic sigh. 

"It can be hard when people expect so much from you when your doing the best you can. And as for the famous boy band part? It is pretty cool except when the fans go to far." He says and I giggle a little bit as he imitates some of the fans asking him to marry him and other really weird questions.

"So what is it like being an average Canadian teenager?" He asks me and I giggle a little.

"Well for one it can be quite eventful when it's hockey season and two pretty average, we have homework, bad relationships and did I mention homework?" I say when he laughs.

"So do you play hockey?" He asks and I look over to see him staring at me with those dark eyes and the wind is slightly swaying his hair. I look back at the road and answer,

"Well I used to but I really wanted to focus on my studies this year." I say and Zayn nods his head and we drive in silence until the radio starts to play 'Live while we're young' and the radio announcer says that one direction has indeed been spotted around the streets of Toronto often accompanied by security. I laugh as Zayn starts to sing along with it trying to make his voice change at the other boys parts. I'm still laughing as I pull up in the parking lot and get out of the car.

"Let's do this!" He yelled grabbing my hand and pulling me in to the theater and shocking all the ushers and people there. I thanked Abby silently because if it wasn't for her, I would never have met the boy of my dreams. 

AN: Im reallly sorry I promised and update yesterday and I did try to update but I was having issues trying get my computer to connect to the internet and it must have been about 12 o'clock and I was exhausted but I want to update more this weekend and Ill try to update 2 if not 3, times! Love you guys for reading!! bye! 

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