Abby was normal and she liked it, well that is until she met the famous boy band one direction. But what happens when her bestfriend and roommate starts to date Zayn Malik?


8. Beginnings and Endings

Louis's POV

It's been nearly a month since we met Abby and Leigh and quite a bit has happened since then. Zayn and Leigh have started dating and today, I was finally going to ask Abby to be my girlfriend at the beach with the boys and Leigh and some of Abby and Leigh's other friends.

"Hey mate you ready to go?" Harry asked through the door.

"Uh, just give me a minute!" I call back and I quickly change in to my swimming trunks. As I walk out I see Niall and Liam whispering together, but abruptly stop when they spot me.

"What's up?" I ask and Niall just shakes his head and hurries off and Liam just stands there awkwardly until Zayn came hurrying around the corner smiling widely then looked between Liam and I and frowned.

"What's up guys?" He asked and I shrugged and Liam and followed him out to the car. I climb in to the back with Zayn and Harry and the car ride is a long lecture about how cats evolved and by the time we get there we are all fighting to get out first.

"Louis!!" I hear someone yell my name and I turn to see Abby running towards me and I give her a hug and I look up to see about 12 other people there.

"Hey dude whats up?!" One asks Liam as he tries to do a complicated handshake thing and Liam looks at him like he's an alien.

"These are my friends guys!" Abby says pointing at the people in front of us and one just stares at us weirdly.

"We've know most of them since kindergarten." Abby whispers in my ear as we head for the beach talking with the girls friends. The day goes by quickly and most of their friends are normal and by 2 o'clock, Niall already has the number of one of the girls.

"So what do you guys wanna do?" Leigh asks as we all sit around in a circle while the sun was starting to set over the water.

"How about..... truth or dare?" The one I know to be as Kayla says to many murmurs and head nods.

"Sure!" Chirped the one I nicknamed 'Luna' after Luna Lovegood in Harry Potter.

"Alright, ummmm, Nick! Truth or Dare?" Abby asked leaning on my shoulder. We had already been asked about 5 times if we were dating.

"Dare." Nick said his eyes glinting deviously.

"I dare you to........go to a car and sit on it and sing 'the lion sleeps tonight' from the lion king then roar at the end!" Abby says and Nick gets up and does exactly that until the owner of the car came up and yelled at him. It went on like this for a while until Leigh's friend Pam, got a turn.

"Louis Truth or Dare?" she asked deviously and I hesitate slightly.

"Dare!" I say confidently.

"I dare you to kiss Abby!" she says and Abby quickly lifts her head off my shoulder.

"Oh come on! We all know you fancy each other!" Zayn said as Leigh, who was sitting on his lap, nodded and so did everybody else. I look at Abby and she smiled up at me and I lent down and our lips connected. This kiss was sweet and I felt butterflies in my tummy that I only ever felt once, when I met Abby and knew I had to get her. She pulled away and Niall wolf whistled and everybody clapped and cheered. I guess we're dating now......

3 hours later

"Louis, I, uh, have some bad news....." Liam said and I look up from my laptop and he sits down opposite me.

"What's up?" I ask curiously closing my laptop.

"We, uh, are going on tour again......." he says trailing off.

"So????" I ask.

"We leave tomorrow." 


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