Abby was normal and she liked it, well that is until she met the famous boy band one direction. But what happens when her bestfriend and roommate starts to date Zayn Malik?


14. Answers (ACTUALLY A CHAPTER!!!)

Abby's POV

"BOOBEAR!!" I yell when I see Louis walking up to the door for our date.

"ABBERINA!!" Louis yelled and I giggled as he scooped me up in to his arms and we kissed. "Ready to go?" He asks and I reach around and lock the door.

"You know it!"I say and he lets go of me and we walk hand-in-hand to his car. We get in and I look over and smile at Louis glad he's mine even though I didn't want to date him the first time I met him. 

"So are you ready for tonight?" Louis asks and I nod. They have been back for seven months now (A/N: sorry for the crazy time that passed but you'll see later why!!), and so far Niall has a new bunny rabbit name cuddles oh and a girlfriend named Julie. Zayn and Leigh were doing well and Liam got back together with Dani (another A/N: didn't actually happen but my OTP is payzer) and Harry was still single. 

"So where are we going??" I ask as we get in to his car and we start to drive away. We're still in England and we have so far had a blast but we want to do some sight seeing soon. 

"A little restaurant out of town..." Louis said grinning madly and I smile and roll my eyes. We get there in no time and it turns out Lou has a reservation so we are seated quickly too. It was a beautiful little restaurant with crystal chandeliers and low lighting and I begin to wonder why Louis would bring me here. 

"Hey Abby, do you remember how we met?" Louis asked after the waiter left with our orders.

"How can I forget?? I really thought you guys where annoying rich kids but that definitively changed, even though unicorns didn't fly..." I say and Louis gives me a confused smile.

"Well I haven't ever stopped thinking of that girl who though my name was Lewis and that Zayn was Zak." he said and I blushed a little at that memory.

"Aw shucks boobear!" I say say and we both laugh.

"So that's why I have to ask," Louis said sliding of his chair and on to the floor and on one knee. I felt my heart speed up and I could hardly breathe. "Abby Lindsay James," He pulled out a ring box, "Will you be mine forever?" 

A/N: Sooo sorry it's short!! I know it's been a while and I apologize but I HAD to write this soon and I couldn't go in to much detail so I hope you liked and tell me if she should say yes or no Please!!!\

P.S still room for a co-author if anyone wants!! 

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