Abby was normal and she liked it, well that is until she met the famous boy band one direction. But what happens when her bestfriend and roommate starts to date Zayn Malik?


1. Unicorns!

Laughing at my friend I grabbed a pack of sugar and threw it at her.
"BOO!!" I yell making her die laughing as she fell on to the floor clutching her sides. Then on the radio the DJ announced that the new one direction song "live while we're young" was next. I groaned at the message and got a dirty look from some girls at the booth beside us. I crossed my eyes and stuck out my tongue at them making them hiss at me madly. Just then a random dude slid in to our booth.
"uh hello?" I asked questionly as the song came on. Groaning at it I started to yell until a waitress came over to tell me to pipe down.
"Not like one direction huh?" the guy I didn't know in our booth asked looking at me from under his hood as I continued to hit my head with a salt shaker.
"IM LEWIS! IM LEN! IM ZAK! IM PERRY AND IM NEAL AND TOGETHER WERE ONE DIRECTION!" I said in a high mocking voice as the girls across scolded me again.
"what if you met them?" the guy asked me as I scooteded over to get away.
"Why?" I asked eyeing him suspiciously.
"Because Together were one direction!!" yelled someone from behind him with wavy chestnut hair. I had to bit my lip to stop from laughing, finally giving up my laughter spilled like a broken dam!
"OMG!" I wheezed "your-joking around right!!" I said in between laugh. 3 more people joined the 2.
"oh your not joking?" I asked feeling slightly stupid. I liked at my friend to see she looks dumbstruck.
"EARTH TO ASTRONAUT!" I yelled at her as she looked stupid with her mouth slightly open.
"Prove it!" I said to "one direction" giving up on Leigh and focusing on them. They nodded and started to sing 'What makes you beautiful'. I raised my eyebrows and started to feel a little stupid.
"How about you come on a date with me and this never happened?" said the one called Louis whispering in my ear as the boys signed stuff for fans. Seeing no other way out, and being as stubborn as me I accepted hoping to get this over with.
" meet me here at 8, wear something nice." he said getting up to sign stuff with the others. Grabbing a stupid looking Leigh I walked out the diner doors. If he thinks he can date me hell unicorns will fly first!
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