Love or Not?

Jade and Harry meet through a music video, but will seeing Harry the once be enough for Jade? Or will she want more? Will they be together or further than ever?This is a Harry Styles Love Story!!! Please read no bad feedback please, it's my first...


5. Jade's P.O.V- the first or last?

We had just finished the music video, i was sitting alone at the end of the pier, my feet hanging of and my hair blowing back in the wind. "Hey whatcha doin?" It was Zoey, i was glad it was her "Nothing sitting watching  "Jade you okay?" "Yea i guess" she had a confused look on her face, she was obviously confused "What's wrong" "I'm not sure" she sat down next to me hanging her feet off as well. "Jade, you can tell me anything and everything i'm always here for you" i just sighed "Go on" I looked down at the water thinking of what to say how to tell her what I did. "I... I Umm I" "Jade speak up now" she started demanding, tears were forming in her eyes, she could be such a drama queen sometimes but I love her anyway "Zoey I... I k" i mumbled the last part hoping she wouldn't hear me, "You what? i can't hear you" "I kiss" "Jade what the heck happened tell me now" she was yelling super loud, I turned to the left and looked to see everyone but Harry on the beach at the end of the pier staring at us with confused faces. "I kissed Harry" I yelled but only loud enough so she would hear. "Jade" she was so shocked, everyone had told me not to get to comfortable around him that he might pull something, but in my mind I just kept thinking I should give him a chance. "Jade, you didn't" "Zoey im sorry I had to" "No Jade you didn't have to do anything we all told you not to, you don't now him he could hurt you, you've been hurt to many times, I don't want to see you get hurt, not again." she yelled at first but she then started to whisper. "Zoey, I'm sorry, i really like him, he doesn't sound like he'd do any of that, he's charming, funny, and really sweet we were hanging out and walking on the beach and it kind of just happened." "Jade?" she was questioning me now, I hate when she does this. "Yea" "Jade, I mean if you want to do this, and go out with him, then do it just be careful." "Thanks Zoey, and were not even going out" We were both hugging each other and crying. "I now but if you do end up going out be careful" "I love you Zoey, your the best sister ever" "I love you too and your the best sister ever" "I thought you 2 weren't sisters?" it was Liam "And what the heck is going on here?" "haha" we were both laughing, Liam had the most confused look ever and started laughing too. "Were not sisters, but we've been through everything with each other  I'm always there for Zoey and she's always there for me, through the good and the bad, when I have a problem I go straight to Zoey, she's my little sister" "So your not really sister's but you guys are like sisters" "Yes if that makes sense" "So what is going on? Harry was talking to Louis and then Louis started yelling at him, Harry stormed off and you 2 are up here?" "Wait what?" I was in shock

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