Love or Not?

Jade and Harry meet through a music video, but will seeing Harry the once be enough for Jade? Or will she want more? Will they be together or further than ever?This is a Harry Styles Love Story!!! Please read no bad feedback please, it's my first...


3. Jade's P.O.V - The boys

Me, Zoey and Jasmin decided we would take our long boards seeing as how the pier was like 9-10 blocks, that's where we would be doing most of the shooting. We headed off all racing each other and laughing the whole way there until we saw the shoot it looked nice, kind of simple, but who knows what these things look like, i'd never been on a shoot before so I wasn't sure what to expect. We kept skating until the producer and a whole bunch of people with video camera's showed up. " Okay girls, I'm David" He was a older man, he was bald with makeup on like 5 boys had just done it, it was really hard not to laugh but I pulled through Jasmin on the other hand was crying and laughing. " Hi, i'm Jade, this is Zoey and Jasmin" we shook his hand and waited for Jasmin to stop laughing. " Okay girls, could you go back 1-2 blocks and skate back down here that looked great and would work for the music video." "Alright" we all said at the same time. We skated back down laughing and talking like we were told to do, he got 2 shots of us doing that and 3 shots of us walking down 3 flights of stairs laughing. " Alright that looked great girls" " Thank you" we each said, " So I think it's time we do take some pictures of you girls for your photo shoot then, you can meet the boys." "Alright sounds great" Zoey apparently was very nervous, you could tell in her voice, how she said it. We got to the stairs and started posing. We'd been posing for about 10 minutes now when 5 gorgeous boys walked over and where at the bottom of the stairs while we were having our pictures taken.  One of them really stood out to me he had Emerald Green Eyes, Brown Curly Hair and the cutest Dimples, he was talking to one of the other boys til they all realized we were there. They all stopped and stared admiring each one of us, we kept posing, we were finally done and got to go meet the boys.

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