Love or Not?

Jade and Harry meet through a music video, but will seeing Harry the once be enough for Jade? Or will she want more? Will they be together or further than ever?This is a Harry Styles Love Story!!! Please read no bad feedback please, it's my first...


4. Jade's P.O.V - Meeting them

We all sat in a circle on the sand at the beach, it was Liam  Zayn, Zoey, Niall, Harry, Me, Jasmin, Louis. In that order. Liam started talking, " So were One Direction, um I'm Liam" He indicated for Zayn to go but Zayn was admiring Zoey, he finally realized it was time for him to speak, " Oh I'm Zayn" next was Niall " I'm Niall" he was cute he had pretty blue eyes and a cute accent, well they all had cute accents but his was different, " I'm Harry" he was smiling and staring at me, " And I'm Louis or Louie, you can call me either". " Nice meeting you Liam, Zayn, Niall, Harry and Louie, I'm Zoey" I was staring at Harry admiring him, his cute smile, his eyes, his curly hair, i got interrupted " Jade?" " Oh sorry" At this point everyone was staring at me laughing, even Harry, I got super nervous, I just wanted to run, to run and hide. " I'm Jade " I just smiled it off, " And I'm Jasmin but you can call me Jazzy" " Well nice to meet your girls" Said Liam he almost seemed like her was everyone's dad, like the authority figure of the group. " So" Louis said, "do you want to play a game of truth or dare?" " What? Why that game?" I asked, it was really confusing to me, we had only just met them "Because you get to ask questions and see how far you can push people" " Um okay I'll play" we each decided to play. "Okay I'll go first, Jasmin truth or dare?" Louis defenitly had a few tricks up his sleeve he was so quiet at first, but now he was this crazy weirdo, i like it. " Truth" Jasmin never chooses dare, not if shes the first to go. " Um truth, oh who is your best friend in the whole world?" " Um, it would have to be Jade, and Zoey, yea defenitly them" She was so cute and Innocent sitting there admiring Louis. " What it's not me, the great Louis well we will have to change that" she just laughed. we got through a few rounds the worst things we had to do was get up to our belly buttons in the water, luckily I didn't have to though, I'm kind of insecure about myself, I never really like taking off my shirt in front of someone I don't now well, we did have on swim suits, but still.

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