Love or Not?

Jade and Harry meet through a music video, but will seeing Harry the once be enough for Jade? Or will she want more? Will they be together or further than ever?This is a Harry Styles Love Story!!! Please read no bad feedback please, it's my first...


7. Jade's P.O.

"What? Liam what did you just say?" " Harry and Louie got into a fight and Harry stormed off" "No" I was getting up, "Jade were are you going?" "Go talk to Harry, tell Liam what happened" I was running now, as quickly as I could, I paused to take a breath, I stopped and looked over to see everyone talking to Louis, they looked kind of concerned, but then I saw them laughing so I new Louis didn't tell anyone what happened between me and Harry. I kept looking and looking for him, I felt so hopeless, just standing there on the pier. I ran down to Louis and pulled him over making it not obvious that anything was going on. "Louis where's Harry?" I was demanding, but trying to be as nice as possibal "Jade, you and I both know it's a bad idea if you and him go out." "I now Louis but were not going out, we only kissed that was it" "Yea but Jade you have to realize that's what Harry does, he goes out with you for a while then leaves you, like your nothing" "Maybe if you guys would just give him a chance, maybe if I would just give him a chance" we both feel silent, not saying a word, "I now Jade but just be careful, i don't want to see you get hurt" "thanks Lou" we hugged, "So were is Harry?" we both started laughing "I'm actually not sure, he ran off i didn't see were he went" "Oh okay, well i'm gonna go find him" "Jade, be careful" "i will" I started walking and looking around, for like 5 minutes, I sat down, looking around thinking of places where he could go, it was only one beach, sure it was big but he couldn't have gotten that far could he? then i remembered like 5 more minutes away there was a small cove, no one new about it but me and Zoey , we slept down there once and we both go there when we just need to think, i new he would be there. 

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