Love or Not?

Jade and Harry meet through a music video, but will seeing Harry the once be enough for Jade? Or will she want more? Will they be together or further than ever?This is a Harry Styles Love Story!!! Please read no bad feedback please, it's my first...


8. Harry's P.O.V

I was in some random cave i found while running, i didn't now where i was going, but i new i had to get away from everyone. I had to bend down a pinch to get in but after getting in it was amazing, the cave was huge, i think it was a old volcano, it had a huge hole at the top so you could see the stars, it was beautiful. I heard someone walking in, "Harry?" "Jade?" "Oh my god Harry" Jade ran up to me and hugged me, she was crying you could hear it in her voice. "Harry, I don't care what everyone else says, I just want you, no one else" she was crying, "Jade, what they said about me isn't true im not the guy who leaves girls for no reason, i don't now why they say that, but jade" I looked down at her, seeing her crying, I grabbed her face and looked her straight in the eyes, "I only want you, only you, i can't stop thinking about you, ever since today anything we've done leads me to you" i looked her in the eyes and took a step closer to her my hands still on her cheeks, I looked at her lips then her eyes, i think she noticed i was asking for permission, cause she did the same thing as me. we kissed each other, it was a long passionate kiss, we both pulled away and all she said was "Wow" she looked at me again and we kissed, this time more passionate then the first, I wanted her so badly in my arms at night, cuddling her, to be able to kiss her, call her mine. I lightly bit her bottom lip asking for permission, she granted we had a tongue war for what seemed like forever, I grabbed her by the waist, making sure not to let her go, she had one hand on my neck, and the other was tangled in my curls. It was a long passionate kiss, i didn't want it to end.

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