It's gotta be Lou

When memories flow into Amber's mind, things go awry and she is forced to tell the truth about her true self to the boy she grew up loving... Louis Tomlinson, who is now famous and doesn't remember her until she reminded him of something. Amber went from the next door neighbor to his biggest crush to his secret admirer to his best friend's girlfriend. He shouldn't feel that way, and neither should she.... Or should they? (Contains cursing)


2. You belong with me

The next day, I awoke to a pounding on the front door. I pulled my robe around me tightly and walked to the kitchen and saw a note.

Dear Amber,
We went out for a while. We have your brother and won't be back for a couple of days.

Love you,
Mom, Dad, and Jay.

I got annoyed at the person at the door and so I opened the door rudely in the person's face.
"Is this a bad time?" Louis asked
"Uhmm, no. Come in. You just woke me up. Did you have fun last night?" I asked, knowing he did.
"Yes, I did. I met the most amazing per--" my phone started ringing Taylor Swift's, You Belong With Me.
"Sorry, it'll be just a minute," I said answering the phone. "Hello?"
"Amber, baby. Hey, wanna get together sometime?" A voice I didn't recognize said
"May I ask who's calling?"
"Come on, baby, you mean you don't recognize your baby boo?" They asked. Then they whispered, "Its Jake. Play along."
"Oh, hey babe. What's wrong?" I said biting my lip
"Nothing. I just wanted to talk to you," Jake said
"Look, baby, I'm gonna have to call you back. I have a friend over," I said sneaking a look at Louis. His face was twisted with jealousy. I smiled. "Okay, well, I'll see you then. Bye," I hung up
"Sorry, what were you saying?" I asked him
"Well, I met the most amazing girl last night. We had so much in common, and we talked the entire time, and I walked outside once during the dance and I saw three guys on the ground from where she stepped on their feet. You need to meet her," he emphasized on the girl, we, her, and she. Was he trying to make me jealous?
I smiled and uncrossed my arms. I felt my robe open and my skanky nightgown got exposed. I saw his eyes snake down and look at my curvy body. "I'm happy for you, Louis. You've finally met someone who gets you, just like I have."
His eyes lingered on my chest for a moment. "Good. I'm happy for you, too."
I hugged him and I swear, I felt something wet on my shoulder, through my robe.
"Louis, are you okay?" I looked at him and saw that he had nothing in his eyes. No tears
"I'm fine, Amber. Now you need to go get ready to meet up with that boyfriend of yours," his voice sounded pained when he said the word 'boyfriend'.
"Thanks, Lou.," I smiled and he left. I ran upstairs and took a quick shower and put on a denim miniskirt, a half shirt and a pair of flip flops. I curled my hair and kept my bangs straight. I put on lipgloss, eyeliner, and mascara. I called Jake and we planned on meeting at the coffee shop.
When he finally got there, we briefly kissed and sat down. "How have you been?" I asked
"Good, what about you?" He asked back
"Struggling," I said
"How? Found a guy you like and want him so bad it hurts?" He asked
"Maybe," I joked. I leaned towards him and kissed him for about two minutes, mainly because I knew Louis came here everyday around this time.
"Ahem," somebody cleared their throat
I looked up and saw Louis. "Hey Lou., what's up?"
"I came here to get my regular coffee, but I see a bunch of PDA in here,"
"Oh, uhm, Jake, this is my best friend, Louis. Louis this is my boyfriend, Jake." I introduced them to each other. All I saw in Louis' eyes was jealousy and hatred for Jake.
"Nice to meet you, Louis," Jake said in that friendly way of his.
"Nice to meet you, too," Louis said through clenched teeth.
"Louis, are you okay?" I asked
"That girl from last night, she gave me her number and we're planning on meeting up,"
"Oh, okay. You guys have fun. Jake and I are going to the park," I said getting up, while holding Jake's hand. We walked out the front door.
"Why me?" Jake asked
"Why what?"
"Why do you play with my emotions when you know that I like you?" He looked me in the eyes. I saw passion and love in them
"Jake, I love you, too, but--" he cut me off
"Then go out with me. Be my one and only love instead of him. He can't see the way you love him, I can. Amber, we met in kindergarten. Everyday I fell in love with you more and more. Please, let me love you," he pleaded
I thought for a moment and he started to say something else but I cut him off with a kiss. "Yes. I will be."
He smiled and we went to our cars and drove to my house. I got there first and I went inside and took my shoes and jacket off. Jake walked in and saw my jacket on a chair and me getting two TV dinners ready. He came behind me and wrapped his arms around me and started to kiss my neck. I turned around and jokingly pushed him off. "Jake, I'm trying to cook. I'm gonna burn myself if you keep that up. You know how easily distracted I am," I said, wrapping my arms around his neck
"All the more reason to do it," he said and continued to kiss my neck
I teased him by kissing him back, then when he got really into it, I turned back around to finish cooking.
"It's not nice to tease me. I like to hand out revenge on silver platters," Jake said
"I hand it out on gold platters," I said putting the TV dinners in the microwave and turning back to him.He grabbed my face, pulled me closely, and we were both breathing heavily. Then he kissed me passionately and bit my lip. "Now who's being a tease?" I pouted.
"I thought you said no because you're cooking?" He laughed
"Are you gonna kiss me or not?" I asked, singing The Thompson Square song, 'are you gonna kiss me or not"
He smiled and kissed me. He picked me up by the waist and sat me down on the counter and I tangled my fingers in his hair. He did the same and all of the sudden, the doorbell rang. I jumped off the counter and answered the door, running my fingers through my hair.
"Oh, uhm, hi Louis," I said, filled with guilt for what I was just doing with Jake
"Can I come in?" Louis asked, his eyes filled with hurt
"Yeah, come on in. What's wrong?" I asked, hugging him.
"S-she stood m-me up," he cried and I felt hot tears on my shoulder
Crap, I thought, now I've broken his heart.
"Babe, who's at the door?" Jake said, coming in with his hair still disheveled. I looked at him and motioned for him to be quiet. Louis and I sat down on the couch and I comforted Louis.
"Are you okay, Lou.?" I asked after he was done
"Yeah, I'll text you, 'kay?" He said

* * *

A couple of years later, Jake and I were still together, but my heart still belonged to Louis. Louis had had actually moved on from his mystery girl, a.k.a, me, with some chick, Eleanor Calder. He was in a heart-throb boy band, called One Direction. The guy with curly hair was actually cute, but kind o in a brotherly way.
"You're insecure, don't know what for. Your turning heads when you walk through the door-oor-oor," they sang on the radio once. I smiled and said, "That's my best friend singing." I smiled when I heard their song, "Gotta Be You"
"I love the band One Direction," one girl on the radio said
"Aww, we love you, too," a different voice said
"Ohmigosh, Harry, is that you?" The girl shouted
"Yes, it's me, love,"
"I knew it, I knew it!" She shrieked
I rolled my eyes and turned the radio off. "Hey, I was listening to that," Jake complained.
"My car, we listen to what I want to listen to." I said, going over the rules again.
"I love you, Amber," Jake said
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