It's gotta be Lou

When memories flow into Amber's mind, things go awry and she is forced to tell the truth about her true self to the boy she grew up loving... Louis Tomlinson, who is now famous and doesn't remember her until she reminded him of something. Amber went from the next door neighbor to his biggest crush to his secret admirer to his best friend's girlfriend. He shouldn't feel that way, and neither should she.... Or should they? (Contains cursing)


5. Truth or dare?

Niall's P.OV.

"Zayn, you need to spin the bottle now," I said impatiently
Amber broke away from Zayn and came back to sitting in my lap. She got comfortable in my lap again and Zayn spun the bottle and it landed on Louis.
"Truth or dare, Louis?" Zayn asked him
"Dare," Louis said, sneaking a look at me. Amber turned around and whispered something to me. I grinned evilly at Louis
"We- Amber and I- dare you to throw Kevin out the window," I smirked
Louis held Kevin to his chest and screamed, "No! Kevin is my bestest friend!"
"You have to; it's a dare," insisted Amber
Louis hugged Kevin one more time and walked to the window. He took a sharpie and signed his name and threw it out the moving van's window. Louis sighed and spun the bottle. It landed on me. "Truth or dare, Niall?"
"Truth," I said
"Did you enjoy Kevin's company, at all, before he got thrown out the window?" Louis did puppy dog eyes
"Uhm, not really..." I trailed off, avoiding eye contact with him
Amber laughed "Way to hurt his feelings, Niall." But she cuddled her back into my chest, more.
"I'm sorry, Lou," I apologized. Amber got out of my lap and walked towards the bunk she planned on sleeping in.
"Good night, guys. I'm going to bed," she said and crawled under the blankets.
Her breathing slowed and her long eyelashes touched her high cheek bones. I smiled and let Liam spin the bottle because I was hungry then I wanted to go to sleep on the bunk above Amber, 'cause I'm going to be there one day without my mattress and stuff in the way.
I went to the kitchen and got out bread and lunch meat and made myself a sandwich. I scarfed it down and climbed up the ladder and fell asleep thinking of Amber.
***The next morning***
I awoke with a grumbling stomach and the smell of cinnamon all around the bus. I quickly shuffled to the kitchen where Amber was alone, cooking. I wrapped my arms around her waist and kissed her neck. "Can I help you, mister?" She asked turning around, holding the spatula as a weapon
"No, but I can help you," I flirted


Amber's P.O.V
I felt my heart kinda skip a beat and I smiled. "I'd like to see you try," I teased
"Missy, it's rude to tease," he said, wagging his finger at me
"I'll show you a tease, if you want me to," I offered
He reached his arm around me and took a of cinnamon bun and licked the icing off. I reached up and bit it. "I can do that, too," I said, chewing it
He smiled, pervertedly, and wagged his eyebrows at me.
"Just because I'm the only girl doesn't mean I'm perverted like you," I scolded him.
"What're you guys doing up so early?" Asked a groggy voice
I turned around and saw Harry standing there butt naked. I turned around quickly and felt a blush creep up.
"What's wrong, Amber?" Harry asked
"You're kinda naked," I told him.
He chuckled "I'll go put on a pair of basketball shorts then come back to gripe at you."
I shook my head, trying to get the image of Harry out of my head. Niall laughed
I whipped around. "And what's so funny?" I demanded
"You act like you've never seen a guy naked,"he said, still laughing. He saw the look on my face and stopped. "Seriously? You've never seen a guy naked?"
"No, and I don't ever want to unless he is my husband," I said, turning back to the stove and continued to put icing on the cinnamon buns. Harry came back with just a pair of basketball shorts on.
"Now, why were you guys up so early?" He asked
"I was hungry," Niall shrugged
"I got up before Niall to make cinnamon buns for breakfast," I smiled sweetly
"Oh, ok. Give me some food, woman!" Harry demanded as he sat down
Zayn walked in just as I said, "Do I look like your slave?"
Zayn sat down. "Amber, will you please hand me a cinnamon bun?"
I smiled. "Of course. Here you go." I laughed at Harry's face
"You give him one but make me get my own?" Harry pouted
"He was polite about it; unlike someone in this room and has curly hair," I said
"You have curly hair," Harry pointed out
"Unlike someone in this room with brown curly hair," I corrected myself
"Amber, love, will you please hand me a cinnamon bun?" Harry corrected himself, in turn
I handed him one and made myself a plate of three cinnamon buns. I ate them within five minutes.
"Your like the only girl who can eat as fast Niall and still keep your tiny shape," Harry observed
I made a gesture with my fingers that my mum would have had a fit over. Zayn almost fell over with laughter. I sashayed out of the room to get in the shower,
I was about to get in and there was a knock on the door. "Yes?" I called
"Crap! Are you about to get in the shower?" Louis' sexy groggy voice asked
"Yes, just give me a moment," I hopped in the shower and made sure the curtains were closed securely. "Okay, Lou, you can come in and use the restroom, now," I heard the door open and a sigh of relief. I quietly giggled and then I heard the door open and close again.
I washed the shampoo and conditioner out of my hair and got out. I wrapped a towel around my small frame and was about to get dressed when I realized something; my clothes were in the bedrooms. The bedroom was connected to the kitchen where the boys were. I groaned and thought for a minute. I quietly walked out of the bathroom, down the hallway and towards the bedrooms. I heard a wolf whistle and I turned to see Harry.
"You didn't have to get naked just for me," he teased
I made the gesture with my finger again. "It's not for you, I forgot to get my clothes."
I sat on my bed and reached under, with my legs crossed, I mean there was a teenage boy near. No way am I going to sit with my legs open with a guy standing by me. I pulled out underwear, a bra, a shirt and a skirt.
I almost ran to the bathroom to get dressed. I got in there I turned around I got scared half the death because Niall was right there behind me, about to get in the shower.
"Get out!" I exclaimed
"No, I'm about to get in the shower! You get out!" Niall exclaimed, covering himself
Liam and Harry burst in. Harry fell over from laughing and Liam looked at us like we were idiots. "Niall, get in the shower and Amber, you can get dressed when he is in. Okay?"
I nodded, they left, and turned for Niall to uncover himself and get in the shower. "Okay, you can get dressed, now," he said
I turned and saw him peeking in a little crack along the wall. I poked him in his eye and he cried out in pain. I slipped my panties under the towel and had turned where he couldn't see my front and I slipped my bra on. I dropped the towel and pulled my miniskirt on and the long-sleeved shirt that stopped at my elbow. I combed through my hair and left.
I walked into the kitchen and got a cup of coffee. "Do you guys have any creamer?!" I exclaimed
"Nope," Louis said, the syllable popping when he said the 'p'.
I groaned. "Okay, lets stop at Walmart so I can get some," I said and slipped my sandals on.
Niall came in with a pair of blue jeans that fit him exceedingly well and a white tee shirt that showed his biceps and was a little tight around his shoulders. "I'll go with you," he volunteered
I shrugged, "Okay, get some shoes on and we'll go."
"I wanna go, too," the rest of them whined
"Go get dressed," I urged them. They went to the bedroom and got dressed in there. I stayed in the dining area with my back to them, so I didn't see any one of them shirtless or pants-less. They called my name and said that they were done and I grabbed my wallet and we were out the door.
My favorite song came on and I turned it up while Lou was driving and I never realized that the volume was turned down and that they could hear me singing.
"��I'll keep you my dirty little secret.Don't tell anyone or you'll be just another regret��" I sang
Just then, I feel eyes on me. I squirmed and asked, "What are you guys looking at?"
"You!" They all seemed to exclaim
"Uhm, ok. Staring is rude," I chastised them and they all blushed. I smiled and felt an arm around me. I looked up to see Niall, I smiled bigger and saw something in his blue eyes. I took my hand and removed his arm. I held out my hand.
"What?" He asked
"Your phone," I said and took it from him. I added myself to his Facebook, twitter and all that, and his contacts. I texted him.
FROM: 123-456-7890
Niall's phone
REPLY: maybe l8er but not right now, kk?
I added him as a contact.
Ok. I'll call you
REPLY: lol
We got there and I let Zayn go to the mirror section, Harry go to the cat section, Louis to the carrots, Niall to the snack department, and I let Liam tag along with me.
"What kind of creamer do you drink?" He asked, at one point.
"The good kind," I said as I got the little carton of the iced coffee. "If I catch any one of you boys in my coffee....."
He laughed. "We prefer orange juice." He grabbed a giant deal of orange juice. When he saw my raised eyebrow, he explained, "Niall."
I chuckled. "Who said my name?" An Irish voice asked
"I did," Liam said and put it in my basket
"Okay, go gather Zayn, Harry, and Louis with me, Niall. Liam, here's a fifty; go pay and you can keep whatever is leftover," I said handing him the money and walking off with Niall. As soon as Liam was out of sight, I smiled at Niall. He grabbed my hand and intertwined our fingers.
"Why didn't you want to do anything around the lads?" He asked
"Because I know Harry and Zayn feel something for me and I don't wanna break their hearts," I explained
He gave my hand a squeeze. I smiled and put my head on his shoulder. I looked up at him only to see that he was already looking at me. He leaned down and was about to kiss me when I pulled away and said, " Uh-uh-uh. No PDA, mister." I kissed him on the cheek and pulled my hand away from his when I saw Harry coming towards us with a cat calendar.
"Can I have it? Please?" I laughed at him acting like a two year old in a candy store.
"If you have the money to pay for it," I told him and he did a fist pump in the air. Then I saw Zayn admiring himself in the mirror. "Zayn!" I called
He heard me shout his name and fixed his hair one more time and turned to look at me. He saw Niall and Harry and his face fell. "Told you," I muttered to Niall under my breath.
"Now, it shouldn't be hard to find Louis. Just follow the outcries of 'carrots'," Zayn said
We did and found an extremely happy Louis because he was surrounded by carrots. I smiled and we called him over,too. "Time to go," I said but laughed when everyone complains about Harry getting to get something and they don't. "He's paying for it. You have five minutes to go find something you want and you have to pay for it yourself. Meet me back at the van," I said, shooing them along.
I hummed to myself and felt eyes on my back. I turned and saw three guys, maybe in their early twenties watching me. I smiled and they came over. "Ditch the Justin Bieber wanna-bes and you can come with us," one guy said
I smiled sweetly as possible and stomped on their feet as hard as I could. "The blonde one happens to be my boyfriend," I hissed at them
Just then, Niall came up to us, and he had obviously heard what I told them. He slipped an arm around my shoulders and asked, "Babe, you okay?"
"I'm fine, but these idiots aren't," I said, looking up at him innocently
Niall smiled "Get lost, or I'll make you,"
The guys shortly disappeared. Niall looked down at me and leaned down. I stopped him with my finger on his mouth. "Nope," I smile.
"You're such a little tease!" He exclaimed.
"Don't hate 'cause ya want me," I teased again
"I don't gotta hate 'cause I know what you're thinking," he said, raising an eyebrow.
I smiled and kissed his cheek again. "I'll text you." And then I walked to the van where Liam was waiting for us.
"Where is everyone?" He asked
"Getting something they want," I told him buckling up and smiling when Niall came out.
*authors note: sorry if there are unknown words or unfinished words. I try best and I make mistakes, even though I try not to. Thank you for reading, and leave a couple of ideas for me*
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