It's gotta be Lou

When memories flow into Amber's mind, things go awry and she is forced to tell the truth about her true self to the boy she grew up loving... Louis Tomlinson, who is now famous and doesn't remember her until she reminded him of something. Amber went from the next door neighbor to his biggest crush to his secret admirer to his best friend's girlfriend. He shouldn't feel that way, and neither should she.... Or should they? (Contains cursing)


1. The mystery girl

Today was the masked prom. I wish Louis would ask me to it, I've been waiting and waiting but he hasn't. I said yes to my other best friend, Serena. We agreed to go on a "no homo" date.
I slipped on my thigh length, midnight back, strapless dress an put on my cherry red pumps and applied a bit of matching red lipstick and the doorbell rang. I answered it and it was Serena.
"Who are you all dressed up for?" Serena joked as I put my sparkly black mask on.
"Who do you think?" I asked her
"Defiantly not me."
I rolled my eyes. "Of course not. It's, uh, for someone else. Mom, dad, I'm leaving! See you guys later!"
We went outside and got into her Chevy truck. When we got there, I easily spotted Louis in his lime green tuxedo and neon green mask.since my mask kept my identity a secret, I watched him for two minutes and he looked at me and I smiled shyly at him. I tried to get out but that truck is awfully high and I almost fell. He rushed over to help me.
"Thank you," I blushed lightly
"No problem, just try not to make Super Man rescue every five seconds," Louis joked
I laughed. "I'll try not to, Super Man."
"Do you want to go dance?" He suggested
"Sorry, my date is right over there," I pointed at Serena.i saw his eyebrows shoot up.
"I didn't know you were like that," he said
"No, no, no. That's my best friend. We're on a No-Homo date," I explained.
"Oh, ok. We don't have to go dance since that you've got a date."
"But, Super Man, I want to," I said putting my hand on his arm. Then I ran to Serena. "Serena, I'm gonna go inside and dance with Lou., ok?"
"Save a dance for me." She joked and nodded
I turned and walked over to Louis, attracting several eyes and I heard a few whistles. I grabbed Louis' arm and pulled him inside. There was this really slow song on but Louis and I were very energetic so we broke out in this freaking amazing dance routine that everybody loved.
"That was the most fun I've had in a while," Louis exclaimed when we finished.
"What about your friends?" I asked, curious to find out what he was going to say about me.
"Well, I have this one friend, Amber. She's an amazing friend, but I think she's starting to like me. I want us to just be friends, and not ruin our friendship. I don't even like her like that," he said and I felt my heart slowly break into pieces. "Are you okay?" Louis asked.
"I'm fine, I've just got to use the restroom. I'll be right back," I said walking away and going to the bathroom. I slid down the wall and broke down in tears. Somebody walked in. I looked up and saw Serena. I continued to bawl and sob.
"What wrong? I thought you were having fun," she said sitting next to me.
"I-I was... But he doesn't l-l-like me like I like him."
She hugged me. "His loss."
I smiled and finally stopped crying, and took a deep breath. "Can you go get my make-up bag out of the truck?"
She nodded and left. She came back within two minutes. Serena handed me my bag and I took it and started fixing my make-up in the mirror.
"Thank you," I smiled. "Give me the keys and I'll go put it up." She handed me the keys and I walked out to the truck and out it back under the seat and I turned and saw Christopher Medina, John Thompson, and Jacob Trevino, the three hottest guys in the school, standing behind me.
"Hello, boys. Can I help you?" I asked
"No, but we can help you," John said, grabbing my waist. I pulled free.
"No, thank you," I said trying to walk away but Christopher and Jacob stopped me. "Let go of me," I tried pulling away but their grip was firm. "Guys, you're hurting me. Let go," I said stomping on both of their feet. They let go and I held myself up high and looked at them, my back to the door.
"Uhm, are you okay? I heard you telling them to let go," Louis said, not seeing my face , but Jacob and Christopher on the ground. I put my mask back on, and turned around.
"Yes, I'm fine. But I don't think they'll try ganging up on any girl on high heels ever again," I laughed with him. "Shall we go inside?"
"Sure," he said holding out his hand. I took it and remembered a flashback when we were ten.
"Truth or dare, Amber," Louis said
"Dare," I said, I was always the risk taker
"I dare you to hold still with your eyes closed."
I closed my eyes and felt uncertain lips on my own. I kissed him back with a short peck on the lips. "What'd I do to deserve that?" I asked
"Now, I can say I've been kissed and so can you," Louis said, wiping his mouth off. I pretended to wipe it off.
Louis asked a question that pulled me put of my reverie.
"I'm sorry?"
"I said, what are you thinking about?" He repeated
"How stupid I was when I was younger," I said, not lying but not telling the whole truth either.
"Right? I was an idiot when I was younger," he said, opening the gym door for me
"Thank you. I'm sure you weren't a complete idiot," I said
"I was. You can ask Amber, she'd agree," Louis said, smiling at the mention of my name.
"Do you like her?" I asked, softly
"Maybe just a little. She was my, ah, first kiss," Louis blushed
"I haven't had my first kiss, yet," I lied
"I can fix that," he said, and moved closer to me, putting a hand on my hip. I moved closer to him, too.
"Sure," I said and our lips connected for a brief twenty seconds. I heard a click-click-click and I opened my eyes to see someone taking pictures. I walked put he front door quickly and felt my favorite necklace drop, but I didn't dare go back to get it. I stopped and pulled my heels off and ran the rest of the way home. I got home and went to the bathroom and got into a bubble bath and soaked for what felt like days. My phone started to vibrate. I looked at it and saw tat it was a text message from Serena. I opened the message:

From Serena;
Where are you?


From Serena;
Why? What happened?

Tell you tomorrow, k? K. Nite.

I smiled and ignored her for the rest of the night.
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