It's gotta be Lou

When memories flow into Amber's mind, things go awry and she is forced to tell the truth about her true self to the boy she grew up loving... Louis Tomlinson, who is now famous and doesn't remember her until she reminded him of something. Amber went from the next door neighbor to his biggest crush to his secret admirer to his best friend's girlfriend. He shouldn't feel that way, and neither should she.... Or should they? (Contains cursing)


13. Suuuuure

I pulled away form Niall and went to Simon's office.

Niall's P.O.V.

Amber pulled away from me and left the room. When she came back, she was crying. I had to know what was wrong.
"Babe, are you okay?" I asked, frantically.
"No, I just got signed!" She yelled.
I kissed her again and then we packed her stuff. We just pulled into a hotel since it was closer than driving all the way back to Doncaster.

Ambers P.O.V.

From Louiee: where r u

To Louiee: me nd ni r just gonna stay @ a hotel 2night. We'll b there 2morrow

I put my phone on my charger and stripped off my clothes and hopped into the hot shower. I felt the water wash my skin of all the dirt that was on me. I heard the door open and then the curtain opened. Niall crawled in and grabbed my sides, pulling me up against him. He kissed my neck slowly and I moaned. He chuckled and continued to kiss until he had turned me to face him. He kissed down my shoulder and down onto my chest, he gently took ahold of one of my breasts in his large hand and suckled on it. He moved on to the other one and repeated the process. I moaned and once again, felt his erection against my leg. I decided to be mean.
I suddenly turned away and washed my hair. I then washed soap all over my body and I could hear Niall chuckle.
"You are such a tease, you know that, right?" He whispered into my ear, from behind.
"You just want me," I said, rubbing my butt against him.
"Damn right I do," he said, kissing my neck and sending chills down my spine. I got out and put on a pair of pjs and crawled into the bed. Within seconds, Niall was in the sleeping area and only had a towel wrapped around his body. There was a knock on the door.
"Go put some clothes on in the restroom. I'll get the door," I said and waited for him to get in the restroom before I opened the door. It was the Louis and Harry.
"Uhm, hey guys. How'd you-?" I asked but Louis cut me off.
"We tracked Niall's phone," he said, like I was an idiot.
"I bet you guys were about to have some sexy time," Harry said, wagging his eyebrows at me.
"Actually, I was laying down in bed and Niall was in the shower," I burst his bubble.
"You guys don't take showers together? OMG WHAT'S WRONG WITH YHOU?!" Louis shouted.
"Shut up and come in," I pulled them inside.
"Who was at the door?" Niall asked, coming in the room with just his boxers on.
"These two idiots. They tracked your phone." I said, crawling back into the bed.
"We're here to bring you guis home with us," Harry said, grabbing my suit case.
"Actually, I wanted to stay in the hotel. I haven't had a good nights rest since I entered. There were these two girls sitting there whispering about everyone and then there was this guy and girl. I bet everyone in the entire neighborhood could hear their fun," I said, cuddling back into the duvet.
"And she and I still haven't had any alone time like at all," Niall said.
"Psht, more like, sexy time," Louis said, with that sassy look of his.
"I was gonna offer to let you stay with us for the night, but you can sleep out in the hallway," I playfully glared.
"NOOO, IM SORRY. LET ME SLEEP IN YOUR HOTEL ROOM WHILE YOU GET SOME FROM NIALL!" Louis screamed. I shoved him into the hallway.
"You, sir, can stay out there until you are ready to sleep on the couch and are being nice and quiet," I shut the door.
I sighed and let him in because I knew if he was going to be loud like that we'd get kicked out and all that fun stuff. I fell back on my bed when there was another knock on the door.
I got up and answered the door. It was a security guard.
"Hello, there, Mrs. Horan, we were getting complaints about this suite being too loud. We're sorry to do this, but I'm afraid I have to escort you out," the guy was saying, as his eyes slipped down my body and lingered on my legs.
"Okay, give me, my boyfriend and friends about five minutes to get our stuff," I said, putting emphasis on 'my boyfriend'.
I grabbed a pair of short shorts and slipped my sandals on and got the boys. As we were walking out I grabbed Niall's hand and saw the guard staring. I pulled out my phone.

To: Niall:
The security gard wnt stop staring at us

From Niall:
He know ur wit me. C he staring at us cos he wants nd he can't have u

I smiled and kissed him in the elevator. I pulled away and wrinkled my nose when the guard tried to talk to me.
"So, babe, can I have your number?" He asked.
"No you can't. She's my girlfriend, so back off or we might have a problem," Niall said.
"I wasn't asking you, was I? I was asking this girl in the shorts, not the girl in the shades," the guy said, and crushed his lips to mine. The elevator door opened and a bunch of flashes went off. I pulled back as fast I could and slapped the guy, hard across the face.
"Amber, are you cheating on Niall?" One guy asks, holding a video camera, obviously recording.
I looked at Niall and he texted me.

From Niall:
Ya just go ahead nd answer

"No, I'm not. This guy was continually hitting on me and wouldn't back off. He kissed me and I slapped him. I don't deal with that kind of crap. Touch me, kiss me or whatever, but prepare to have a bruise on your face," I shrugged and walked off with Niall.
"Just drive us home, Lou.," I said, plopping into the back seat of his car. Niall got in on the other side and Louis and Harry sat in the front talking and singing along to the radio. We started driving and I made sure nobody was looking and I slipped my shorts off.
"Hoping to get lucky in the backseat?" Harry noticed. Damn it.
"No. I just can't sleep with shorts or pants on," I said, pulling my favorite throw over myself and cuddling into Niall.
"Suuuuure," Harry said, the sarcasm in his voice very noticeable. I hit him in the back of the head.
"Fucking perv," I muttered. I leaned my head on Niall's shoulder and was about to doze off when he grabbed my thigh, slowly rubbing circles and going up higher. My breathing increased and he smirked. His hand reached the elastic of my panties and he slipped his fingers....(A/N not going into specifics cos I don't know the ages reading). I stopped him by pulling his hand away and he looked hurt.
He took out his phone and typed on it. He handed it to me and I read it. N- Niall A-Amber

N- y'd u make me stop
A- if u cont then I would've moaned no louie and hazza would never shut up about it. I didn't mean to offend u. I saw the look on ur face btw
N- ohhh ok
A- lol

He put his phone up and I laid across the seat with my head in Niall's lap. I looked up at him and smiled. Since he had teased me like he did, was gonna be mean, too. I slowly unzipped his zipper and....(A/N once again I don't know the ages readings, so no specifics). He tensed ups and I continued. Finally he made me stop. He zipped his pants up and I laid back down on his lap. I giggled quietly.
"What are you laughing at, missy?" Niall asked, whispering.
"Just the fact that your a bit too....hard for me to lay my head on your lap," I whispered back, grabbing my small pillow and putting it in his lap and laying back down. Niall blushed and stroked my hair. I fell asleep with him stroking my hair.
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