It's gotta be Lou

When memories flow into Amber's mind, things go awry and she is forced to tell the truth about her true self to the boy she grew up loving... Louis Tomlinson, who is now famous and doesn't remember her until she reminded him of something. Amber went from the next door neighbor to his biggest crush to his secret admirer to his best friend's girlfriend. He shouldn't feel that way, and neither should she.... Or should they? (Contains cursing)


14. "I look like I'm on crack!"

Chapter 14.

I woke up in mine and Niall's bedroom, with his phone going off. He was no where in sight. "Hello?" I answered it.
"Who is this? Where is Niall?" A girly voice asked.
"This is Amber. His girlfriend," I said, glaring at the wall.
"Oh, um, this is Kara. I need to talk to Niall as soon as possible," she said. Why does her name and voice sound so....familiar?
"No way, if you want to tell it to Niall, you can tell it to his girlfriend as well," I said.
"Okay, um, tell him I'm waiting at the McDonalds playground with Carson," Kara said.
"Who's Carson?" I asked.
"His daughter, it was maybe two years ago that I had her. I've had DNA tests done and she's his," she said.
"Okay? Is he going to be visiting her?" I asked, confused.
"No, I thought he would have told you all of this. He's getting custody of her, permanently," Kara said, clearly scared that I was gonna kill someone.
"Okay, I'll tell him and we'll be there. Thanks for calling," I said. We hung up.
"NIALL HORAN!" I yelled.
"AMBER MCHARDIN!" He yelled back coming up the stairs and into the room.
"Go get dressed. We're going to McDonalds to meet up with Kara and Carson," I said, pulling on my favorite skirt.
"H-how did you know about them?" he asked.
"I just answered the phone. Chill, I'm not mad. I talked to Kara and said that she had Carson about two years ago, like, before we even met, plus, since your keeping her permanently, she'll be like my daughter, too," I said smiling.
"Okay, as long as your okay with it," he said, putting some clothes on.

***at McDonalds***

I walked into the playground area holding hands with Niall and he took me over to a girl with light blonde hair and a baby girl with dark brown hair.
"Hey, Kara," Niall said. The girl turned around. I gasped.
"What's wrong?" Kara asked. Now I know why she was so familiar. She's my half sister.
"Kara? Oh my gosh, it's been for forever since I saw you!" I said, hugging her.
"A-amber? Oh my gosh, it's you!" She pulled me back in for a tight hug.
"How do you two know each other?" Niall asked.
"We're half sisters. Our dad had an affair and mom was okay with it since he was sooo sorry about it," I explained.
"So, Carson is your niece?" He queried.
"Yupp. But if your her daddy, then I guess I could be the mother figure in her life," I said, smiling.
"Please do. I had my mom, from the states, help me all this time. Your welcome to take care of her all you want and be her mother. You adopt her, be mommy and I'll be Aunty Kara," she begged.
"Totally. Just between us, me and you? I was pregnant about two-three months ago by Niall, but I had a miscarriage," I said.
"I saw you on X-Factor!" Kara said, excited.
"I know right? My friend Serena told me to try out for it," I said, smiling. Carson came up to me and held her arms out.
"Up, mummy, up," she said, looking up at me with her brilliant blue eyes. I picked her up.
"Ni., she has your eyes and hair," I said, kissing him.
"Oh, I'm gonna be late for work! See you guys later! Behave Carson," Kara said, kissing Carson on the forehead and hugging me and kissing my cheek, then kissed Niall on the cheek.
"Mummy, we eat now?" She asked.
"Yeah, lets get you some chicken nuggets with a chocolate milk and if you eat your chicken nuggets, we'll get you a vanilla ice-cream," I told her. She smiled and clapped.
"Babe, you stay here with her and I'll order for her," Niall said, kissing me.
"Can I gwo pway?" Carson asked.
"Yeah, I'll tell you when daddy's here with your food," I said, kissing her forehead. I'm a mom. Adoptive mom anyways. My phone rang. A- Amber. T-Tina (her mom).

T-honey, are you okay?
A-yeah, why?
T-it's all over E! news. You have a daughter now? Was that Kara?
A- yeah.her and Niall were together about two years ago and Kara had Carson and she can't take care of her anymore, so now I'm Mummy and Niall's Daddy. You and dad are Granny and Papa
T- okay! That's all I wanted to check out, come by our house when you get out of McDonalds, okay?
A- okay, love you bye.

I hung up and greeted Niall.
"Who was that?" He asked, setting Carson's food down.
"My mum. Carson, hunnie, daddy's back with your food. Come down and eat," I called through the toy.
"Cwoming!" She yelled back. I giggled. She came and sat down and ate everything and I bought her an ice-cream like I said I would.
"It's time to go meet Uncle Liam, Uncle Harry, Uncle Louis, and Uncle Zayn," I said, turning around to smile. Good thing Kara gave us her car seat and clothes and stuff.
"Otay," she agreed then fell asleep.
"She's gonna cause us trouble, Niall," I said, looking at her peaceful face as she slept.
"Especially if she looks like you," he teased. I smacked his arm.
"Oh, crap, I promised mum that I'd bring Carson over before we took her home," I groaned. I texted mum.

To Mother:
Won't be able to bring her over rite now.she asleep in her car seat but after she's awake we'll bring her over

From Mother:
Okay, I'll tell your dad about her before you get here

I put my phone away.
"Mummy, mummy, mummy," Carson cried.
"What's wrong, baby?" I asked, turning around, quickly.
"I have my teddy?" She asked. I took it out of her diaper bag and handed it to her. It had a note attached.

Thought you might need this for whenever she takes a nap or goes to bed at night. It's like her nightlight, and blankie. She loves them too much to get rid.
Kara McHardin.

"Night night, mummy. Night night, daddy," she said and she was out like a light. I picked her up out of her car seat once we got home. I automatically heard Louis shouting.
"WHERE WERE YOU? I MISSED YOU!" He yelled. I gave him a dirty look.
"Shh, Carson's asleep," I hissed.
"Who's Carson?" He asked, confused.
"Our daughter. Now go help Niall unload the car," I said, taking her upstairs.
I put her down on our bed and my phone rang. It was a text from Simon.

From Simon:
My office. ASAP bring Niall and the kid.

I groaned and heard Carson wake up.
"Mummy!" She wailed.
"Mommy's right here, baby. What's wrong?" I asked, pulling her out of the bed and cradling her into my arms.
"I wan Daddy," she cried.
"Ni., she wants you," I said, taking her to him. Liam and Harry were setting up her bed in the room next to us.
"Come here, Baby Girl," he said, taking her.
"Niall, Simon texted me and told me to bring you guys to his office, as soon as possible," I said, sighing.
"Okay, lets go," he said, grabbing the keys and we headed downstairs to the car.
He buckled her in while I started the car and crawled into the passenger seat. I turned the radio on.
"...oh, I just wanna show you off to all of my friends. Makin' them drool by their chinny chin chins. Baby, be mine tonight, be mine tonight. Baby, be mine tonight, yeah," a familiar voice sang. The song needed shortly after that.
"That was One Direction's newest single, Kiss You," the radio announcer said. We pulled up into the parking lot and we took Carson to Simon's office and the first thing out of his mouth was:
"Tell everyone that you guys hooked up before he got famous and you passed her off to a family member, but that family member is extremely sick and you have to take care of her, again,"
"Yeah, there's only one problem. That family member that had Carson, is my half sister," I said, glaring.
"Oh, and you need to go to hair and makeup for a commercial shooting, right about, now, okay, Amber? Now, go," he said. I got up, while grinding my teeth and went to hair and makeup. I glared at the wall while took my hair down out of its messy bun and did something to it. They got done with my hair quickly and started on my makeup. They put some stuff on my eyes and cheeks and then smothered some kind of sticky stuff on my lips.
"I look like I'm on crack!" I exclaimed. My hair was extremely disheveled,my makeup was too dark and half the lipstick they put on me was on my teeth. I looked at the clothes they gave me and saw that it was a pair of jeggings with furry boots, a hot pink long sleeved shirt that was cut low, but it had lace where it was supposed to show my cleave, and a sleeveless hoodie with those furry ball things at the end of those strings. I put the clothes on, washed my makeup off and redid my hair. I slipped on a bit of lipgloss and mascara.
I walked out to where they wanted me. The guy put me in front of a green screen. They shot something across it and told me what to say through a earpiece.

"Hey guys, I'm Amber McHardin, winner of the X-Factor, and girlfriend of Niall Horan. I want you to support both his band and my own career by buying our albums and trying to come to our concerts. We want to see you their at our meet and greets and we look forward to meeting you so much. Please support us. Our next concert is at Chicago, Texas, so come see us and support us." I said, smiling the entire time. The guy behind the camera nodded, and yelled cut.

"That was so boring. Can we try it my way?" I grinned. The director asked what I had in mind and I told him. He nodded and said that we'd try it. I got back in front of the green screen and heard a soft beat in the back ground, while playing pictures of me and the boys singing or of us acting goofy that the paps had gotten of us.

"Support us, support us. Buy our albums, come to concerts, please, support us. We want to see you there. We will wave and talk and blow kisses. But please, support us. Third place and first place in the X-Factor. Support the 1D boys and Ms. Amber McHardin," I rapped while they recorded. I went to a recording studio and recorded background voices of myself. We put it all together and high fives went around. We had a new commercial.

To Babe
Come in here. Just got done recording.

A couple seconds later, Niall and the boys came in and watched it with us. They were astounded by the fact that I could rap. They all hugged me and congratulated me.

A couple hours later, they broadcasted it on tv. It was on E! news, MTV, and other tv shows. So many tweets had the links to it. I giggled.

"So it seems Ms. Amber McHardin can rap? At exactly 2:00, the singers commercial played, her rapping about everything with the 1D boys concerts and her own stuff happening. And it seems Niall and Amber have a daughter? Woah, when did that happen? Lucky for our viewers, we have an interview with One Direction, Amber McHardin and her daughter tomorrow at 7:30," the lady said in a fake teenage way.
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