It's gotta be Lou

When memories flow into Amber's mind, things go awry and she is forced to tell the truth about her true self to the boy she grew up loving... Louis Tomlinson, who is now famous and doesn't remember her until she reminded him of something. Amber went from the next door neighbor to his biggest crush to his secret admirer to his best friend's girlfriend. He shouldn't feel that way, and neither should she.... Or should they? (Contains cursing)


18. How dare you

Chapter eighteen

I got out of the pool at around four thirty and went upstairs. I changed out my swim suit into an superman themed outfit (see first pic). I went downstairs and kissed Niall before walking down to my moms. I opened the door and walked in. 

"Mum?" I called. 

"In the kitchen, sweet," she said back. I walked into the kitchen and hugged her lightly. "You spend a year with a house full of boys, get pregnant a couple times, have a kid, and now you're dressing like a skank," she looked at my clothes with disapproval. 

"Actually mum, I just came for Alex's meds and allergies," I said, glaring at her. She waved me away to the medicine cabinet, which I pulled out his meds box. I wrote down everything my mum said he was allergic to. I walked out of the house with it all and put the allergies list on the fridge. 

"Hey baby, do you wanna go out to a family dinner with me?" Niall breathed in my ear. 

"Dress code?" 

"I don't care. Wear your sexiest lingerie for all I care," he murmured in my ear. I forced a giggle and backed away from him. I went upstairs and picked out our clothes and my jewelry. 

"LOUIS! COME HELP ME WITH MY HAIR!" I yelled down the stairs. I heard footsteps and soon enough he was in our room, with the door shut. I kissed him passionately as his hands roamed my covered body. I pulled away and sat in front of the mirror. 

"What're you wearing?" 

"The dress on my bed," I pointed at it. He bit his lip in thought and plugged my curler in. While it was heating up, he criticized my shoes and picked out a different pair for me. When he was done, he brushed through my hair and performed magic on my hair. 

I had Carson up with me and I did her hair and dressed her and we left the room whenever Niall came in to get ready. Carson had run ahead of me to hug Harry and left me walking down the stairs very slowly. Louis stopped his conversation with Alex to stare at me. I blushed and looked down. 

"Mummy look pretty," Carson smiled.

"Mummy looks very pretty," Niall said behind me. I saw Louis look away from me quickly and fidget. 

"Lets go," Niall said, taking Carson from Harry. I grabbed the car keys and sat in the passenger side as Niall buckled her in. I started it as he closed his car door.  He drove us to the restaurant which had paparazzi all around, snapping pictures of us. Carson walked in between us, holding both of our hands. We eventually got through them and made it to our table. I put Carson in her booster seat and we ordered our meals and stuff.  We finished eating and left to go home. I changed Carson into her pjs and stripped down to my bra and panties. I slipped a t shirt on and went downstairs. I heard Niall and Louis talking. I hid behind the wall and listened. 

"Hey, what's goin on between you two?" Niall asked.

"What do you mean?" Louis said, probably knowing exactly what he meant.

"You confess of your love for her, you two stay away from each other for an X-Factor season, then you're suddenly best friends again?" 

"It's just a thing that happens between some best friends. I like her. I do, but she's with you, mate, I won't pull any moves on her unless you guys brake up," Louis said, firmly. I crawled away from the area and when I came back, they were laughing at something Niall said. 

"Hey guys," I said, opening the fridge and grabbing a soda. I opened it and took a sip of it.

"Where are your pjs?" Niall asked, tensed up.

"These are my pjs. I sleep in them every night," I said, taking a drink again. 

"If your gonna stay up, you need to put on a robe," Niall demanded.

"No thanks. It's hot and I don't have to," I said, shrugging.

"Go to the room. Now," he almost yelled.

"No. Stop trying to be my father," I glared. 

"Now or I'll make you," Niall threatened. I shoved him out of my face, spilling the sprite on his shirt and taking off to the back yard and into the old clubhouse Louis and I had built to get away from the grown ups.

I sat in my old bean bag and glanced down at the ladder. Someone was climbing up. I put the door down and locked it. They went to open it and it only opened enough to see that it was Louis and not Niall. I unlocked it and went back to sitting down on the bean bag. Louis came up, locked it and set something heavy on it. He took a drink from my soda and got me to giggle a little. 

"I'm sorry I stormed out like that. The yelling reminded me of dad," I said, sighing. 

"It's okay. He should have never tried to make you change," Louis said, touching my face lightly. I looked up at him and he leaned down to kiss me. I wrapped my arms around his neck and tried to stay in the kiss. But my mind kept wandering to why now? I felt something slip down my face and he pulled away and wiped the tear away. 

"Why now?" 

"What do you mean?" He looked puzzled.

"Why do you confess your feelings to me whenever I have a boyfriend? Why did you wait so long to tell me?" I said.

"I had no clue how I felt until we kissed for the very first time, when we were very young. It felt like our lips were meant to be together. They fit perfectly. I didn't know how you felt about me so I kept it to myself and tried to push the feelings away by talking about other girls," he said, looking away. I put my hands on the sides of his face and kissed him deeply. He moved to hovering over me with one hand supporting him on the ground and the other holding my hip. He traced circles on my hip before slipping my panties off. He looked at me as if I was going to tell him to stop. I nodded my head for him that he could. He grinned and did his business down there. I was sweaty and laying down in a tshirt and he was still fully dressed. 

Louis helped me get dressed again, seeing as my legs gave out because of him. I cleaned up after ourselves by wiping with a paper towel and throwing it in a trash can. Louis removed whatever he put on the entrance and unlocked it. We sat up there discussing everything that was up there. Toys, clothes, books, games. We started arguing which was better: Mario or Luigi. Then entrance started to open a little bit and a blonde head popped in.

"Lou., can I steal Amber for a sec?" He asked. I crawled down the ladder and onto the ground where he was waiting. 

"I'm sorry," he said.
"It's not okay. You don't need to be trying to act like a dusche. It is not your place to tell me what to do," I said, and started to go back up the ladder. Niall stopped me.

"Your not breaking up with me, are you?" He asked, tearing up.

"No. I'm not. But right now I want to spend some time with my best friend," I said and continued to go back up. I shut the door and saw a sleeping Louis cuddled up with his favorite blanket from when he was a kid. I grinned and put a pillow under his head and covered him with the giant blanket. I got on the other side of the tree house with a pillow and blanket as well. I laid there thinking and trying to go to sleep when I saw the door begin to open a crack. I closed my eyes enough to make whoever it was that I was asleep. I saw a flash of a light and saw the head full of blonde hair look at my sleeping body. I saw the body slump in relief. 

"At least I know she's not whoring around behind my back," Niall mumbled. I sat up and slapped him. 

"How dare you?!" I yelled. Louis sat up in a heart beat, sleepy but awake. 

"What the bloody hell is going on?" Louis asked, grumpy.

"Niall accused me of cheating. NOW we're done. Good bye Niall. Get out," I demanded, tears filling my eyes. Niall started to protest but Louis stopped him.

"You've done enough damage. Get out," Louis demanded and locked it after he shut it. I sat curled up in a ball, crying my heart out. Louis sat by me and held me to his chest as I cried. He rubbed my back and told me that it was his loss. 

*the next day*

I got down out of the tree house and went inside. I put on a pair of sweats and a tank top with the sides cut completely out with the ends of it tied in a knot. I put on some converse and my hair up in a ponytail. I didn't bother with makeup to cover up my puffy eyes. I grabbed my wallet with a chain and put it on and took off walking to the store. I got a basket at the shopping centre and got cheesy chick flicks. I walked over to the book aisle and started to look at romance novels but something caught my eye. It was a magazine of me, Niall and Carson from last night (see second pic). I got a little teary eyed at the fact that we have to announce that Niall and I are no longer together and Carson is not my child.  I looked away quickly and went to the frozen department. I got a couple pints of cookie dough ice cream. I started to go to the check out but a couple of girls stopped me.

"Excuse me, aren't you Amber?" One said.

"Yes I am. What can I do for you girls?" I tried to smile warmly.

"Do you think we can have a picture with you?" The other smiled hopefully. I smiled at their politeness. I took a picture with them both separately and together. 

"Can I see your phone, Hopi?" I asked. She handed me her phone and I entered my number into it. And did the same with Jessica's. 

"Okay, girls, keep the number to yourselves, text me sometime and enjoy your day," I smiled brightly and checked out. 


Authors note.

sorry guys. I don't know what's up with movellas right now. It's not letting me upload the pics. Check my mumbles to see them

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