Switching Lanes


Kristina Lexa is an track and field sprinter with great potential and lots of passion for the sport. With the help of her young and attractive male coach Alex Ryder, she manages to grab a spot on the Great Britain sprinting team for the upcoming 2012 Olympics in London. While training hard for that gold medal, she crosses path with Liam Payne, from the band One Direction. But after several obstacles are thrown at her, will she still have the will to fight for the gold? Or will she throw it all away?


2. One.

I explained everything that had happened to my mum on the phone. She said she would come meet me and take me home, so I walked to a nearby convenience store to wait for her. She sounded so worried about me, which was the last thing I wanted to do to her right now.

My mummy is, and always has been my best friend. She's just like me in so many ways, it's hilarious. She has a girly side to her, just like me. I love it when we take random, spur-of-the-moment shopping trips to the mall, and we give each other fashion advice on what looks good and what doesn't. She also has an athletic side to her like me, always doing yoga or jogging to stay healthy. She's my number one fan, and has always supported my track career since the beginning. She's never missed one meet ever, and I love her so much for that. Even if I was running only one event that day, she would be there. Even if it was raining buckets and thundering like mad, she'd sit there on those bleachers and cheer me on. I wasn't quite sure if I was ready to compete in something as huge as the Olympics at such a young age, but mum pushed me and believed that I could do it. I remember the day of the Great Britain Track and Field Finals in Manchester, as soon as I crossed the line getting that last spot on the team, I looked up into the stands and saw mummy standing up cheering for me with tears rolling down her face. God, she was so proud. And now that's why I'm going to get gold in London, I'm getting it for her, to make her even more proud.

A smile spread across my face, and I wiped away my last tears as I remembered the glorious day. But that joy was soon replaced by fury. Alex crawled back into my mind, and I heard his loud screams in my head once again. My hand rose to my left eye and I placed it there gently. I could feel a little bit of dried blood, and it was definately bruised and swollen too. My index finger traced a little line right under my temple where Alex's blow must have cut me. It stung horribly. As my hand fell back in my lap I looked up and saw a familiar white sedan pull into the parking lot. I let out a sigh and got up from the bench I was sitting on and walked over to the car. My mum jumped out and ran to me halfway, embracing me in a tight, panic-stricken hug. I don't know if it was just seeing her warm face, or remaining thoughts of Alex, but I began to cry into her shoulder. She shushed me and rubbed the back of my head soothingly.

"Oh, my girl. I'm so sorry pumpkin...I'm here I'm here, shh..." she said in a shaky voice. I think she was crying as well. Oh gosh Kristina stop crying, you're making your mother cry, stop it! I pulled myself together after a while of standing there in her embrace, and faced her. She looked at my eye, and I could almost hear the sound of her heart shattering.

"Let's get you to the hospital babe." She said taking me to the car. I got in and buckled my seat belt, then turned to her.

"Mummy, I'm fine. I just need some ice I think and a little bandage for my cut, that's all. Just take me home." I tried to smile, but I think it probably turned out to look like a grimace, because I winced a bit from the stinging in my eye. She shook her head, said nothing and started for the hospital. Oh bless her...my mum is such a stubborn woman, I love it.

We arrived at the emergency room, and we walked in together, well, my mum walked rather briskly. She was still a bit panicked I could tell. We entered the waiting room, and I sat down while mummy talked to the secretary. I heard the woman tell us 10 minute wait, which I could live with. Mum sat down next to me with some paperwork and started writing away.

"Mum, we need to talk about a new coach.." She glanced up at me and rose an eyebrow.

"Kristina, we will figure that all out later, right now, we're focusing on getting your eye looked at." She went back to writing. I let out a sigh and rested my chin on my fist. After a moment of silence the man next to me abruptly tapped me on the shoulder.

"Excuse me, um, Miss Lexa?" I turned to him a bit shocked. I knew I was sort of known around the area for being a new Olympian, and one of the youngest ever to compete, but I wasn't used to being recognized in public. 

"Yes? Can I help you?" I asked him.

"Well, I couldn't help but over hear you talking beofre about not having a coach? Is that really so? I thought you were being trained by Alex Ryder?" I looked down and my cheeks burned at the sound of his name.

"Umm...yeah, we parted ways..I'm looking for a new coach now." I looked up at him and his eyes were bright and full of surpressed excitement.

"I don't know if you know me but my name is Johnathen Parker, and I'm a personal trainer. I actually have only trained celebrities, never an...Olympian."

I gasped. "Celebrities! How intersting, what a cool job!" he laughed.

"Yeah, basically, agencies contact me to work with their clients to keep them looking healthy and attractive to the public eye, hah, but yeah that's not really relevant, I just want you to know if you are EVER in need of a trainer," he pulled out a scrap of paper and wrote his phone number on the back of it and handed it to me, "give me a call, and I'd be MORE than thrilled to help you get a... gold medal." He gave me a wide smile, and his eyes lit up when he said 'gold medal'. Oh gosh...do I have my first fan?...woah..

I heard the woman call my name then. "Kristina Lexa, doctor is ready for you!" I gave him a grin and sat up, extending my hand.

"Thank you very much, I will definately get back to you soon Johnathen."

"Oh thank you so much Miss Lexa, you have no idea how much I'd enjoy working with you! And please, call me Jay."

"Of course, Jay, talk to you soon!" I waved him goodbye and turned with mum to walk towards the doctor's office. I pulled out the piece of paper and look at the number. Before putting it away I turned it over, and I looked at the words puzzled. It was hard to read because part of it got torn off...

July 21st:

Client: JLS

Appointment: 8-9:30

Client: Jessie J

Appointment: 11-12

Client: One


Oh this must have been his work schedule for today! Wow JLS and Jessie J...he wasn't joking. But then I examined the part where it got ripped off...it cut off his last client's name..."One"...


I shrugged it off and I tucked the paper away in my pocket and waited for the doctor.






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