Switching Lanes


Kristina Lexa is an track and field sprinter with great potential and lots of passion for the sport. With the help of her young and attractive male coach Alex Ryder, she manages to grab a spot on the Great Britain sprinting team for the upcoming 2012 Olympics in London. While training hard for that gold medal, she crosses path with Liam Payne, from the band One Direction. But after several obstacles are thrown at her, will she still have the will to fight for the gold? Or will she throw it all away?


4. Fit

Holy One Direction.

All of the boys gave me a polite smile, and I gave a shy little wave.

"Oh my god, you're Kristina Lexa! On the Great Britain track team for the Olympics!" Louis shouted. He walked over to shake my hand.

"Haha, yep that's me. Wow, I um...I can't believe I'm meeting One Direction right now, I'm a huge fan of you boys!" I said shaking Louis hand. I saw behind him the other four walking up behind him to greet me.

"Well we're huge fans of yours!" said Liam, with Zayn and Niall snickering behind him. Oh my god...ONE DIRECTION were fans of ME? WHAT?! I wondered why Zayn and Niall were laughing.

"Yeah we know YOU are Liam..." Zayn whispered under his breath to Niall. My heart skipped a beat, but I just pretended that I didn't hear him.

"Yeah, you're absolutely sick!" said Harry. Oh god, now I was blushing, they were all complementing me and being so nice and sweet. All of a sudden Jay was pulling me aside frantically.

"Oh gosh Kristina I am so terribly sorry. This never happens, I swear...if you want to find better trainer I have a list in my office of-" I cut him off.

"Jay, don't be ridiculous, I'm staying here. Everyone makes mistakes, besides, sharing a room with One Direction isn't really the end of the world for me." I saw him let out a sigh of relief. He thanked me over and over again.

"But I was wondering if I could take it easy today? Maybe yoga, is that alright?" I asked looking over at the mats on the floor. He nodded a quick yes.

"Of course, of course. But I need to finish up with 1D, is it alright if my yoga instructor Valerie assists you?"

"Works for me!"

"Excellent, you can wait by the yoga mats while I fetch her." He turned and quickly walked out of the room, as I headed to sit on a yoga mat. I looked up and watched the boys work out. Ugh, this was brutal. They all looked so fit. Especially Liam. He was lifting weights with Harry...I tried my best to not look too obvious, but it was hard. Suddenly I heard the door open again, and Jay and Valerie walked in. Thank god...

Jay went back over to the boys to work with them, and Valerie came over to me. She had auburn hair and pretty hazel eyes, she was gorgeous.

"Miss Lexa! It's a pleasure to be working with you today! Are you excited for the Olympics?" she asked excitedly.

"Oh definately, but I'm terrified as well. Especially after losing my trainer yesterday..." I looked away as I told her the last part.

"Well, I'm sure you'll do brilliantly, let's get you loosened up for then, shall we?" I nodded and smiled and we started. It felt great being able to stretch out my sore, tired legs for once. Alex always said, "Just run the pain off!" ugh, he was so stupid. We continued on with some more poses and some core excersises. Then we got around to my favorite pose, downward dog. I eagerly pushed my toes to the floor and stretched my legs until they were perfectly straight, along with my arms, and my butt was up in the air. I straightened my back so I had the perfect angle. It felt so good. All of a sudden I heard a bunch of hushed talking and quiet laughing coming from the boys side of the room...

*Liam's POV*

Oh my god she was fit. So fit. And really bendy too...

I couldn't listen to Jay's instructions, or any of the other boys talking to me...I just watched her bend and flex and stretch her body into different positions. She was so hot, I couldn't help but look. After a while Nialler pulled me out of my daze.

"Lad, quit staring, it's creepy." I blushed and looked away from her quickly. I heard Hazza chuckle.

"You fancy her, mate?" He asked me. I didn't respond, I just blushed deeper. I saw Zayn and Lou glance over...oh great now everybody would know.

Louis, over hearing Harry, cleared his throat. "Hey Kristina!" he shouted. My heart stopped. No Lou, don't do it.

"LOUIS SHUT UP!" I angrily whispered over to him. Zayn was laughing now.

I saw Kristina's head turn over towards our direction. "Yes Louis?" she sang, her voice was adorable.

"We're all having a little get together at my place tomorrow evening. Care to come?"

*Kristina's POV*

I was a bit shocked by his question. I was thinking about saying no, but then I remembered: it's LOUIS TOMLINSON! Who in their right mind would turn down coming over to his flat and hanging out with 1D?

"Erm..sure, sounds fun!" I said. He  looked over at Liam and then back to me.

"Excellent." he replied. Harry, Zayn, and Niall started laughing, and Liam started blushing. Aw, he looked so cute turning all red! But wait...why was he blushing?

Me and the boys finished up our sessions, around 2 pm. Right on time. I thanked Valerie before she left, and then I walked over to Jay and the boys.

"Hey Jay, would it be possible for me to do a daily session with you, here?" His eyes lit up at my question.

"Definately! How about say...six a.m. to noon? Every day? Does that sound alright with you?"

"That sounds perfect, thanks Jay." He smiled and left me alone with the boys. "Did you boys have a nice work out, yeah?" I asked them.

"We did thanks, Liam had a REALLY good work out." He whispered something in Niall's ear. He immediately busted out laughing uncontrollably. Not hearing the joke, I rose an eyebrow.

"What?" I said looking at Niall and Lou and then to Liam. Liam looked down and Louis just shook his head and said "Nothing." Before I could ask anything else, he opened his mouth again.

"So tomorrow around, five? My flat. You should really come." He said.

"That sounds awesome, but I don't know where you live.." He smiled at me.

"No worries, here. Text or call Liam and he'll give you directions." He handed me a piece of paper and then winked at Liam. He looked like a mix of shocked and angry and confused.

"Err...what? Lou why my phone num-" Liam started saying, before being cut off by Louis.

"Shhh..." Lou said to Liam placing a finger to his lips. I giggled a little bit. Then I headed to the door.

"Well then Liam, I uh, will talk to you soon..." I said smiling at him. He smiled back warmly. Wow...he had the cutest smile.

"Yeah...talk to you then, it was really nice meeting you." He said sweetly.

"You too." I said to Liam. Then I looked at all the others. "See you all tomorrow boys." I said before walking out to my car. I gave them a small finger wave.

I got in my car, and let out a little squeal. Liam Payne! You just met Liam Payne and One Direction!! Still fangirling I turned on the engine and WMYB was playing on the radio. How perfect, I thought giggling to myself. As I turned out of the parking lot I saw the boys walking to their car. Niall and Zayn were walking together and Harry was laughing at Louis who was being punched in the arm by Liam. I smiled to myself and drove off and thought about getting to see them again tomorrow.

I arrived home and told my mum every little detail of what happened that day. She was so excited for me and she even fangirled with me a little bit.

"Do you like any of them?" She asked eagerly. I blushed. She laughed out loud, she knew when I was hiding stuff from her.

"Yeah.....Liam...I got his number.." She smiled wide and squeezed me tight.

"This is so exciting! Do you think he likes you??" She asked. I thought for a bit for an answer.

"I guess I'll have to wait and see mummy." I said smiling.


*WORKOUT OUTFIT: http://www.polyvore.com/kristinas_workout_clothes_ch.3/set?id=61565305 (NECKLACE WILL BE EXPLAINED LATER)*



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