Switching Lanes


Kristina Lexa is an track and field sprinter with great potential and lots of passion for the sport. With the help of her young and attractive male coach Alex Ryder, she manages to grab a spot on the Great Britain sprinting team for the upcoming 2012 Olympics in London. While training hard for that gold medal, she crosses path with Liam Payne, from the band One Direction. But after several obstacles are thrown at her, will she still have the will to fight for the gold? Or will she throw it all away?


5. Crazy Crazy Crazy

*beep beep beep*

Ugh!! I flung my hand over to my nightstand and patted around searching for the snooze button. My face was buried into the pillow, and I groaned loudy into it, still not being able to shut up my alarm clock. Finally, I hit the right button, and forced myself to roll over. Ew...5:20 in the morning. No one should be up right now. This was ridiculous.

But then I remembered: London, Mum, the gold medal, proof to Alex that you didn't need him...

I shook off my tiredness and rose up out of bed. I threw on my outfit that I had picked out the night before:


After saying goodbye to my mum (who oddly enough LOVES to wake up this early in the morning...) I headed off to my session with Jay at Parker's. When I got there we went on a 3 mile run, did some weight training, and then finished up with some intense agility training. I felt great afterwards, I felt really accomplished and also, totally buzzed to see the boys in a couple of hours. I said goodbye to Jay and drove home. As soon as I got there I showered and ate some lunch. I was sitting at the kitchen table scarfing down a grilled cheese when my mom walked in.

"How was training this morning? Work hard?" I nodded yes and kept eating. I noticed then she was laughing at my huge, hungry bites.

"Don't choke babe, you have plenty of time before you have to leave." She kissed me on the top of my head, and walked out of the kitchen to watch the telly. I calmed down and ate slower and took a sip of my cold ice water. It tasted amazing, there's nothing quite like a glass of really cold water. Once my dishes were put away, I ran back upstairs to pick out my outfit and do my make up. The final result looked pretty good:


It was about 4 o'clock when I decided to text Liam and ask for directions. I won't lie, I was pretty nervous. I liked him a lot, and I didn't want to come across as weird or anything. With a deep breath I typed in the phone number Lou gave me and typed the message:

*Hey Liam! It's Kristina, think I could get those directions now? :) xx"*


I sat on my bed and played with the phone in my hands awaiting an answer. A few minutes later it vibrated and I jumped, a bit startled and also excited. A grin spread across my face.

*Kristina! Hey babe, sure thing here's the address: 4321 KevinRules Lane in Doncaster. I'm sooo buzzed you're coming! :) xxx*

I texted back still grinning like an idiot:

*Thanks! I'm really excited to :) you boys are so much fun to be around, I'm sure it'll be a good night! ;)*

I looked at it and deleted the winky face at the end. Too creepy.


Now that I was set to go I ran downstairs and grabbed my purse and hugged my mum goodbye.

"Have fun and be safe love! And don't have too much fun with those crazy boys now.." she said with a serious look. I giggled and gave her another squeeze.

"Of course mummy. Trust me, I don't think you'll really need to worry much about these ones. There all a bunch of goof balls." I said before giving her a final wave. I walked out to my black jeep and climbed in, starting the engine and turning on the radio. I sat there and fiddled with the knob to find my favorite station, and I finally heard it come on. "We Found Love" by Rihanna was playing and I turned up the volume and put on my black RayBans. Beofre I drove off I plugged in Louis' address into my GPS and pulled out my phone. It read:


I opened it and read the text smiling like an idiot once again.

*Oh it will be! You can never be in a bad mood around us! Haha see you soon love. xx*

I texted him back:

*Leaving now! PARTY TIME ;) hah xx*

Send. Gosh I'm such an awkward texter.

I put my phone in my purse and set out for Louis' flat. It was about a 45 minute drive, and luckily I just missed the rush hour traffic. As I drove up to his flat I was really impressed,he had a really lovely home. It was modern but at the same time it had this warm, inviting, friendly vibe to it. I parked the jeep behind what I assumed to be one of the boys' cars and walked up to the front door and rang the doorbell. Getting a bit anxious I fixed my hair and adjusted my clothes to look just right. Just in time, I looked up and the door swung open. It was Niall.

"Hey Ni-"

He closed the door right in my face, cutting my off mid sentence. I laughed and walked right up to the door so he could hear me through it.

"Well I guess I'll just leave then with these brownies I made...such a pity, I won't be able to eat them all by myself. It's a shame I'll have to throw them away..."

Niall opened the door again, but this time his eyes were wide and full of excitement and panic.

"NO! Don't do a horrible thing like that! Come in come in! Bring your brownies!" He pulled me in the house quickly and closed the door behind me. I giggled at him.

"Haha sorry Niall, I made the brownie thing up. But I'll bring you and the boys a batch sometime if you like!" His face went from excitement to disapointment. Feeling bad, I gave him a hug to make him feel better. "So where's the rest of the gang?" I asked cheerfully.

"They're in the back." He said leading me through the kitchen and outside to the backyard. It was absolutely gorgeous! There was a swimming pool with a waterfall, a large grassy area with goals for football matches, and a huge hot tub.

Which all of the boys were sitting in.

In their swim suits.

Half naked.

That's like. Almost naked.

Holy shit.

Trying to not look to shocked I walked over to the big hot tub where all the boys were sitting with Niall. Zayn's head turned and he saw me coming. I saw him elbow Liam who was next to him.

"Hey Kristina!" Zayn shouted at me. I smiled and yelled back.

"Hey Zayn! Hey guys!" I walked over and stood at the edge of the tub by Zayn and Harry. I had to force myself to look at their faces, not any lower than the neck. If I did I might start drooling or hyperventilating. Not good.

"Come on in Kristina, it's lovely in here." Louis said cheerfully.

"Erm...I..didn't bring a swim suit Lou." I replied awkwardly. He looked at me for a second.

"You're about the same size as Eleanour. Victoria's Secret just sent her a bunch of complimentary bikinis in the mail the other day that she hasn't even touched yet. They're in a bag in my room, I'll go get them." He climbed out of the tub and wrapped a towel around his waist and headed inside. Niall followed in behind him to either eat or get his swim suit on.

"Aww thank you Louis!" I thanked him as he walked by me.

"No problem babe." He replied sweetly. As soon as he stepped inside I felt something wet hit my cheek. I turned to see Liam giving me a cheeky smile. My mouth opened and I rose an eyebrow at him as I wiped the water droplets off my face.

"Liam Payne did you just flick me with water?" I asked playfully. He reached his hand down in the water and quickly came back up flicking me again. That time he got me right on the nose. I gasped and lightly hit his shoulder. Which ended up being a bad choice for me because it was so muscular and dripping wet....

"Haha ouch. That REALLY hurt." He said laughing at me. I stuck my tongue out at him. Suddenly, out of the corner of my eye I noticed Zayn and Harry whispering and snickering to each other.

"Something you'd like to share boys?" I said looking at them questioningly. They both just looked at Liam with smirks on their face and then to me. Harry spoke then.

"Oh nothing, nothing at all. So how was your day today love?" Harry asked. I didn't like how he was changing the subject, but I answered anyway.

"Brilliant, Harry. It was just brilliant." I said in sort of a sarcastic tone. Suddenly I felt a warm hand on my shoulder. I turned to see Louis with a giant Victoria's Secret bag. I took it and gave him a side hug.

"Thank ya Lou. I'll go put one on. Be back in a bit!" I said before walking inside. Beofre I stepped through the door I gave looks to Harry and Zayn. Harry laughed loudly and Zayn gave me a wink. I rolled my eyes and went inside and looked for a place to change. I found the bathroom, and I went in and started trying on the bikinis. They were all beautiful and they all fit my perfectly. I picked one and then looked at myself in the mirror.


My mouth dropped, as I looked at my body in the mirror. I looked at the tag and it read "Victoria's Secret: Push-up" My boobs had never looked so good in a bikini before. Although I looked hot, I was kind of timid to go back outside with them all staring. Whatever, I thought, so I gathered up all my courage and walked out of the bathroom and outside to the backyard. I heard the boys laughing about something, and then suddenly it was quiet. All five boys were in the tub looking at me, especially Liam. His eyebrows were high and his mouth was slightly open. I nervously brushed a piece of hair out of my face and continued walking to the hot tub. I stopped right at the edge and looked in. Now that Niall was in, there was only really one spot left to sit- next to Liam. Which I didn't mind at all. It was suspicious though how THAT specific seat was the one spot that was left...

"Holy jubblies!" I heard Harry say. I laughed and rolled my eyes as I climbed in. I think Liam kicked him under the water because I heard him yell ouch. When I sat down, and the warm water soothed my tense muscles, I became quite relaxed. Liam's arms came out of the water and he placed them on the sides of the tub, one of which was behind me. I smiled inside a little bit.

"Lou this tub is amazing! And please tell El thank you for me." I said to Louis.

"Sure thing love." He replied. "So now that Kristina is here, who's up for a nice game of truth or dare?"We all agreed to it and Zayn started.

"Harry truth or dare?" Harry picked dare. "Okay I dare you to take off your trousers and run around the yard." Harry laughed and pulled his hand out of the water, holding something red and striped.

"Already ahead of you mate." My mouth gaped open and I started laughing uncontrollably as everyone shielded their eyes as Hazza climbed out of the tub. Liam placed his warm hands over my eyes to shield me from seeing his friend do naughty things. I giggled.

"Don't look, haha, whatever you do don't look." Liam said still covering my eyes. I laughed and placed my hands over his. It was a really nice feeling touching his hands, it sent a strange electricity running through my skin. I held his hands there.

"Don't worry I won't." I said assuringly. After a while of listening to Harry yell "FREE WILLY!!" while running around on the grass, I yelled out.

"Is he decent yet?" Liam and I's hands were still touching and it still felt nice. They suddenly fell from my face and I opened my eyes to see a grumpy Harry with his shorts on. Oh how that boy loved being naked.

As I was giggling at pouting Harry, Harry looked at Liam and asked, "Mr. Daddy Direction! Truth or dare?" I watched him think about it for a while. "I know you boys will make me do something outrageous so I pick truth." I heard Niall and Louis cough "Couch...lame...cough cough." He stuck his tongue out at them.

"I dare you to kiss Kristina!" Harry said. The other three went "Ooo.." in unison, as I turned bright red. Oh my god was he going to do this? Right now? Was I ready? I swallowed hard as I anxiously anticipated his answer.

"Hey! I picked truth not dare! That's not allowed!" Liam said. My heart sunk a little bit. Ouch...did he not want to kiss me...?

"Ugh, fine. Okay Liam-Would you ever take Kristina on a date?" I looked at him again nervously.

"Oh yeah definately!" He said, then smiled down at me with kind eyes. I smiled up at him, my heart flying through my chest I was so happy.

"R-really?" I whispered to him. He leaned in to my ear and whispered back "Of course, love." I smiled down at the water and blushed.

"Well then why don't you Payne?" Hazza asked him. My eyebrows shot up in surprise. I looked up at his cute face.

"Alright..." Liam turned so he was facing me. "Would you go on a date with me tomorrow night, babe?" He gave me big puppy dog eyes and the cutest little pout. I giggled and poked his bottom lip that he was pushing out playfully, and looked into his eyes smiling.

"I would love to Liam." I replied. His eyes sparkled and he looked really happy that I said yes. I was over the moon too, I couldn't wait for tomorrow night! I had a feeling it would be really special.

I was starting to fall, and fall hard. I never felt like this about any other guy before.

I guess it was because Liam's just not 'any other guy'...



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