Switching Lanes


Kristina Lexa is an track and field sprinter with great potential and lots of passion for the sport. With the help of her young and attractive male coach Alex Ryder, she manages to grab a spot on the Great Britain sprinting team for the upcoming 2012 Olympics in London. While training hard for that gold medal, she crosses path with Liam Payne, from the band One Direction. But after several obstacles are thrown at her, will she still have the will to fight for the gold? Or will she throw it all away?


1. Wide Awake

"Come on Kristina, dig! Dig! You've got ten seconds! Move!" I could barely hear Alex's booming shouts over my jagged breathing and pounding heart beat as I sprinted around the curve. Keep pushing yourself, your head is giving out not your legs, keep going, I told myself. With a few final strides I crossed the finish line and collapsed on the cool grass. God, was that wheezing sound coming from me? Damn I've got my work cut out for me...I have a lot to get done before London. It was incredible- only 4 weeks. FOUR weeks until I would be competing in the 2012 Olympic Games. Me. Kristina Lexa, would be racing against the some of the world's fastest women. And here I was, lying sprawled out on the grass trying to catch my breath and not cry from the spastic cramps in my side. No wait, I think all of my muscles were spazzing right about now.

"You cut your time down by 2.3 sec. Not too shabby miss Lightening Legs." I opened my eyes, stinging with sweat, and glared up at Alex, who was standing above me. Alex has been my spriting coach and boyfriend since I was a freshman in highschool. People gave me crap about dating someone so much older than me, but I never listened. Even though he was 6 years older than me, he was a loyal boyfriend and we loved each other. Although, he could be a real ass sometimes. He liked calling me by my old highschool nickname, "Lightening Legs Lexa" which he knew pissed me off. Looking down at me, he smirked at my pathetic attempts to look angry and gave me a wink. I rolled my eyes. He's always been a little flirt. But I loved him. He's been with me since the beginning and he knows when I'm not pushing myself hard enough and he saw potential in me when others didn't.

"Can we go home now babe?" I asked exaughested and drained.

"Yeah, yeah. Get ready for tomorrow we're gonna head down to Jenkin's for some strength training. We've been doing cardio for the past week, I thought I'd change things up a bit." He extended his hand and pulled me up. Suddenly being vertical made all the blood rush to my head.

"Woah..." I fell foward into Alex's big, muscular arms as he caught me. He laughed.

"I've got you." He picked me up bridal style and carried me off the track and to the car, setting me down in the passenger seat.

"Such a sweetie, you are." I said as I buckled me seat belt. I leaned over and gave him a kiss. He kissed me back and then pulled away smiling.

"Home for some dinner?" He asked. I groaned and frowned at him.

"I was kinda hoping for some McDonalds." I said with pleading eyes. "Pwease baby?"

He sighed and looked at me sternly. "Kristina do you even want this? To go to London? To bring me home a gold medal?" He looked kind of red. He had a horrible temper.

I looked out the window. He grabbed my chin harshly and turned me so I was looking at him. I pushed his hand away. I hated when he touched me like that.

"Of course I do Alex. But it would be nice if once in a while you stopped thinking about that damn gold medal and thought about ME for a change! I can't go home everyday and drink crappy protein shakes and stick to that stupid diet plan of yours! Guess what Alex- I'm nineteen! I still have plenty more opportunities ahead of me! I've been working my ass off for you and you don't even acknowledge it! And I am sick of it!" I realized I was screaming. I didn't care, I was fuming. All of this has been building up inside of me and I haven't said anything about it until now. And it felt good.

Alex glared at me with his cold, hard icy blue eyes. He was pissed, I could tell. He was dead silent for a few seconds, and then he spoke.

"Five...fucking...years...FIVE YEARS KRISTINA! I have been here for five years to get you where you are now. You wouldn't be going to London if it wasn't for me! You want fries so bad?! THEN GO!!" his screams were shaking the car. I was petrified.

"God, you're such a stupid bitch! Why am I even helping you?" I gasped in shock and disgust at his words. I reached across and punched him right in the mouth.


I was cut off by Alex's huge fist to my eye. My head flew back and hit the passenger window, and I yelped in pain. My hands flew to my eye, covering it, as I looked at Alex with my good eye. I said nothing. He said nothing. I just opened the car door and got out. I walked and walked and kept walking until I knew he was gone and I was far enough away. Reaching into my pocket, I got out my phone and dialed it. The tears started flowing.

"M-mum?...Can you come get me...something happened."

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