Not Your Typical Cinderella

(One Direction not famous)

When Rose was only 7, her mom passed away. Her dad got remarried to Cheryl three years later. Rose feels it in her heart that Cheryl only loves her dad for his money. She treats her stepdaughter Rose terribly and favors her own daughter, Julia much more. When something tragic happens to her dad on her 17th birthday, Rose is desperate to prove, along with her friends Shannon, Ava, and Griffen, that it was all Cheryl's fault. Little does she know that along the way, she will meet new people, fall in love, and get her heart broken.


8. Tired


When Shannon pulled into my driveway on Monday morning for work, I knew I probably had dark circles under my eyes from staying up all night just thinking about what to do about Harry. All I could come up with was to tell him that I couldn’t see him anymore. I couldn’t have a relationship until I was 18 and could get away from Cheryl and Julia. I had to figure out a way to tell him. It was going to be so hard for me, since I liked him so much.

                When I got in the car, Shannon smiled at me. She looked well rested and like she must have had a great night. I knew that they all went over to hang out with Harry’s friends (minus Louis), but I guess they were all just too caught up in their fun to text me and tell me how it was.

                “Wow, you look beat,” Shannon exclaimed as she started to drive to Starbucks.

                “I barely got any sleep,” Shannon nodded, like she understood, (but she didn’t), and just looked ahead.

                “How was your night?” I asked, breaking the silence.

                “Great. I mean, kind of great. I’m not sure. Liam told me that he liked me but he didn’t want a relationship. Did you know that his girlfriend broke up with him last week? But I still had fun. It just really bugs me…I don’t think he’s over his ex,” She rambled on and I started to zone out.

                “That sucks,” I said, then yawned.

                “How was your night?” She asked back.

                “Actually amazing,” was all I managed. I didn’t want to go into too much detail because it would seem even crazier when I told her I wouldn’t be seeing Harry again.

                “Did you guys kiss?” She asked, raising her eyebrow at me.

                “Yeah,” I pressed my forehead against the window and looked outside. For the rest of the ride I just listen to Shannon freak out about me and Harry.

                We got to work and started to make drinks for annoying customers. I could barely keep my eyes open and kept messing up on orders. Eventually, around 11, the amount of people started to slow down. There was actually time for me to breathe between orders. I flinched when Shannon poked my back and gestured for me to look out the window. I saw Liam and Harry in the parking lot walking up to the building. Shit! Shannon was beaming, waiting patiently by the cash register for them to order.

                “I told them our shift was over around now! So they could come pick us up!” She was really proud of this, but inside I just wanted to kill her for not running this by me.

                “Great,” I said sarcastically and started to take off my apron.      


                When I opened the door to the Starbucks that Shannon and Rose worked at, the first thing I noticed was that Rose looked absolutely gorgeous. Even with her hair in a messy ponytail, she looked gorgeous. She was wearing a plain white, tight vneck and skinny jeans. Shannon was wearing a similar outfit, I guess it was part of their uniform to have a white shirt. The second thing I noticed was that she also looked like she was extremely tired, like she didn’t get one minute of sleep.

                Shannon and Rose handed their aprons to the girls taking the next shift and came out through the back. They both said hi and I gave her a huge hug. She seemed different, less happy and like something was wrong. She was so easy to read.

                “We’re going to go back to our place, is that okay? The other boys are gone today. Louis is with his girlfriend and Niall and Zayn took Griffen and Ava out,” Liam said, and Shannon nodded.


I didn’t really agree with going to the boy’s flat, but I also  didn’t have a choice. Harry put his hand on my back and lead me back to the car they showed up in. I guessed it was Liam’s car, because he got in the front to drive. Shannon got into the seat next to him, and me and Harry sat in the back. I wanted to be all over Harry soooo bad, but I didn’t want to make him think I liked him as much as I did. Because I was just going to tell him that I couldn’t see him anymore. Because my life sucked.

                When we got to the flat, Liam and Shannon immediately went to the kitchen. Harry and I went to sit on the couch. He offered me something to eat, and I said sure, because I didn’t eat breakfast and it was already lunch time.


                I went into the kitchen to grab something for Rose and I. Liam and Shannon were in there, eating left over pizza from last night and talking. Shannon was completely awake and having a good time, so why wasn’t Rose enjoying herself, too? Something about her vibe was different than it was last night. I made two sandwiches, and went back into the TV room to give one to Rose. She was completely passed out on the couch. I guess what was wrong was just that she was so extremely tired! I put the two plates down on the coffee table and carefully picked her up like a baby. She didn’t even notice. I quietly brought her into my room and tucked her into my bed. I straightened up a little around my room, I couldn’t have her seeing it like this!

                I went back into the kitchen and sat down with Liam and Shannon. I didn’t know what else to do!

                “Where’s Rose?” Shannon asked.

                “She fell asleep,” I replied, and reached for a piece of pizza.

                “Well, Shannon and I are gonna go for a walk and maybe do some shopping, if you guys wanna come you definitely can,” Liam offered.

                “No, thanks, I think I’ll just let her sleep,” I answered. Shannon and Liam left and I just sat there at the table, with my head down. This girl was killing me! She kept sending me mixed signals. Last night, she actually seemed like she liked me, and today, she seemed bored and tired with me!


                Liam and I found ourselves outside a café soon, drinking coffee, enjoying the London summer weather, and just talking. That’s what I liked the most about him, we could talk for hours and never have an awkward moment in our conversation.

                “Don’t turn around,” Liam said, suddenly.

                “Why?” I tried my best not to turn around.

                “Danielle’s here! She’s sitting at the table behind us!” Right when he said this, I felt anger building up inside of me. He wouldn’t have been freaking out if he didn’t still love her! But I listened to him, and just sat there. We just continued our conversation and I continued to sip my coffee.  After about 5 minutes, Liam started to get up.

                “I’m going to use the restroom really quick,” he said, and went inside the café.

                Now, I was just awkwardly sitting there, knowing that Danielle was behind me and that she saw me with Liam. She was probably pissed, even though she’s the one that broke up with him. I felt a hand on my shoulder, and when I turned around, there was a tall, curly-haired girl standing in front of me. She put down a half-eaten muffin in front of me.         

                “Here you go, since you like things that have already been used by me,” she said in a rude tone, and started to walk away. I didn’t understand what her problem was. As she started walking away, I stood up and threw the muffin at her back. She gasped and turned around, glaring straight at me.       

                “As I’ve heard, you’re the one who broke up with Liam. So I don’t have to put up with you!” I yelled at her, and turned for the door of the café. When I got inside, Liam was just coming out, because he was finished in the bathroom.

                “I’m ready to go,” I said, starting to chill down.

                “Already? Okay,” he took my hand and we went outside so we could continue to walk up and down the streets of London. Thankfully, Danielle was nowhere to be seen.


                I was sitting on the couch, just watching random TV shows for almost two hours! Finally, I heard footsteps coming and I turned around to see a yawning Rose. She came and sat down next to me, putting her head on my shoulder.

                “How’d I get in your room?” She asked.

                “I brought you there. You fell asleep on the couch and you looked uncomfortable,” I answered, laughing at how confused she looked.

                “Oh,” she said. I put my arm around her and she started to fall asleep again. I shook her.

                “You are not falling asleep again!” I said.

                She looked up at me and smiled. Our faces were barely inches away from each other. I thought about last night, and how great our kiss was. I wanted more than anything to do it again, right now…


                Harry just looked so hot right now, I didn’t know what to do. And how he brought me into his bed when I fell asleep on the couch was the cutest thing EVER. I decided that just for today, I could put off telling him that I couldn’t see him anymore. Just for one more day.    

                He went to kiss me, and I kissed back. I knew I shouldn’t have been doing it, because I was just going to break his heart even more. But I couldn’t help myself. When the kiss started to get more intense, the front door opened and Liam and Shannon stumbled in. They looked shocked when they realized what they just walked into, but then we all started laughing. I stopped laughing while everyone else still was.

Tomorrow, I would do it tomorrow. I couldn’t have this going on any longer. The more I fell for Harry, the harder it would be.

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