Not Your Typical Cinderella

(One Direction not famous)

When Rose was only 7, her mom passed away. Her dad got remarried to Cheryl three years later. Rose feels it in her heart that Cheryl only loves her dad for his money. She treats her stepdaughter Rose terribly and favors her own daughter, Julia much more. When something tragic happens to her dad on her 17th birthday, Rose is desperate to prove, along with her friends Shannon, Ava, and Griffen, that it was all Cheryl's fault. Little does she know that along the way, she will meet new people, fall in love, and get her heart broken.


16. Go To Sleep (updated/additions)


                I didn’t want to drop Rose off. There was something about Cheryl that didn’t feel right to me, but Rose said she had no choice but to go inside. The boys were probably already asleep when I got back to the flat (they were nowhere to be seen). The entire house was completely trashed from the party. I would just tell them about what happened to Rose in the morning. I called her an hour later to see if she was okay, and there was no answer. I called her again at 3 am, but no answer. Finally she texted me at 4 am, waking me up.   

im fine. you don’t need to call again.

                My heart ached for this girl. Everything bad that could possibly happen to her, had happened.

no, talk to me.

                I answered her. I realized that this would be a sleepless night, my mind still swirling from events. I got out of bed, put on some clothes, and went downstairs to watch tv. I looked down at my iPhone, and saw that Rose had started to text a reply but stopped.      

what did cheryl have to talk to you about?

                I asked. Something didn’t feel right. My phone vibrated and I picked it up.

not allowed out of the house, not even for work. i have to quit. im stuck in this house with a murderer.

                I sighed, frustrated, and turned the tv back off so I could sit in the dark. Before I knew it, my eyes were watering and I was crying. Why was I crying? I had never even met the man, and I was crying about his death. And now Rose, well she was stuck in a house with a woman who she thinks killed both of her parents.

get some sleep. we’ll figure it out in the morning, xx

                That message was all I could manage. Words could not describe how bad I felt about the whole situation. I pulled myself together and turned the tv on again, though I wasn’t even watching it. I felt lonely, and I longed for Rose to just be here with me.

i cant sleep. im scared & i miss my dad.

                My hands shook as I read her message. I was going to get to the bottom of this. I cared too much about Rose to know that she might be in danger.

go to sleep. im always here for you, & i promise we’ll figure this out in the morning. just go to sleep. xx



            For the entire night, I just stared at the wall. I texted Shannon not to worry about picking me up in the morning because I wasn’t allowed to leave the house, but of course she didn’t answer, she was sleeping. One thing I didn’t tell Harry is that Cheryl threatened me. If she ever saw him again, she said she would “find him” herself and have a talk with him. Obviously, she knew that I had told Harry my suspicions, and since they were true, she didn’t want him to rat her out.  When the sun started to shine through the window in my room, I finally dozed off, not even realizing that I was sleeping.

            Going to sleep was the wrong idea. I soon was dreaming, about my dad and about Cheryl. My mind took me to what it would be like if I was sitting in the car with my mom the night she got in her accident. I saw my mom, bloody and dead. I also dreamt about Cheryl, somehow having something to do with the death of my father and my mother. I knew for sure she did, but I just needed to find proof.

            After a good 3 hours of sleep, I woke up, tears dripping down my cheeks. I needed someone to talk to, but there was nobody there. I couldn’t see my friends or Harry, and I couldn’t see the one person I wanted to see the most-my dad.

            At around 11 am, Cheryl burst in the door to my room. I was doing what I had done for the last hour, staring at the wall, my mind blank.

            “You’re a mess! Well just wanted to tell you me and Julia are going car shopping!” She said this with a smile, the smell of her expensive perfume soaking into my sheets. I didn’t answer her, I just glared at her, and she shrugged and left.

            This is what she wanted. She wanted the money. She wanted the fancy cars, she wanted my house, she wanted nothing to do with either of my parents.

            Shannon, Ava, Griffen, Niall, and Liam all left long messages on my phone. They were all the same, about how sorry they were and they wish they could come see me but I probably want alone time. Even with these wonderful people surrounding me, offering help, I felt lonely and afraid. When Harry called, I actually picked up the phone. I don’t know what brought me to do it, I just couldn’t help myself.

            “Good morning, Rose. How are you feeling?” He sounded exhausted.

            “Bad,” I managed out.

            “Can I come see you?” He asked.

            “I’m not allowed,” I answered, awkwardly.

            “What do you mean?” He sounded upset now.

            “I mean that technically I’m not allowed to see anyone, but yeah Cheryl’s gone so you can come over,” I didn’t want to invite him over, but he only meant well.

            “Thanks, I’ll be there soon,” he hung up quickly.

            Since I invited Harry over, it meant that I would actually have to shower and brush my teeth. I wasn’t even planning on getting out of bed, the depression of yesterday’s events making me lose interest in everything. Before I got in the shower, I realized I was still wearing Harry’s necklace, and made a mental note to put it back on when I got out.

            I decided to just wear a pair of yoga pants and a tshirt, putting no makeup on, and not even drying my hair. If Harry cared that much about what I looked like right now, then I didn’t want to see him.    

            When he texted me that he was at my house, I went down the long steps to the front door and let him in. There were huge bags under his eyes, and his hair was sticking out in all directions. He didn’t say anything, he just reached forward and gave me a long, warm, hug.

            “You didn’t go to sleep last night, did you?” I said into his ear. He pulled away from the hug.

            “No, not after I talked to you,” he looked at the ground and laughed at himself.


            I never realized how big Rose’s house actually was until I stepped inside. The ceilings in the main hall were so tall they reached the second floor. Everything looked so delicate and fancy, I didn’t want to touch anything. We went up to Rose’s room, and I asked her if she wanted to talk about anything. She said no.

            I sat on her huge bed, so she climbed up and sat right next to me. I laid back, her following. I started to play with her hair, until her eyes shut slowly. She rested her head on my chest, and we laid entangled in each other until we both fell asleep.

            I was so comfortable, until I felt Rose shaking me.

            “Harry!” She was whispering, “Harry! Get up right now!” I opened my eyes slowly. There was a look of panic across her face.

            “Harry! You need to hide! Cheryl’s home!”


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