Not Your Typical Cinderella

(One Direction not famous)

When Rose was only 7, her mom passed away. Her dad got remarried to Cheryl three years later. Rose feels it in her heart that Cheryl only loves her dad for his money. She treats her stepdaughter Rose terribly and favors her own daughter, Julia much more. When something tragic happens to her dad on her 17th birthday, Rose is desperate to prove, along with her friends Shannon, Ava, and Griffen, that it was all Cheryl's fault. Little does she know that along the way, she will meet new people, fall in love, and get her heart broken.


10. Flashback

ROSE’S POV       

About 3 minutes later, I heard a car pull into the driveway. Everything was going blurry and eventually I stopped hurting. The whole left half of my body was completely numb. I heard rushed steps and a car door shut. Harry must’ve been worried after my frantic phone call.  I heard Harry but I couldn’t see him. Why couldn’t I open my eyes? They wouldn’t open!

                “Oh my god! Rose? Can you hear me?!” Harry sounded like he was choking on his words. I wanted to see his face but my eyelids felt heavy. I went to open my mouth to answer him but it wouldn’t move. It felt heavy, too. I wanted to tell him I was awake! “Rose, I’m going to get you to a hospital! Don’t worry!” Harry’s words started to sound like they were echoing. They started to get softer and softer, until finally, I couldn’t hear or feel anything anymore.

                I was back to being 7 years old. I was in my old bedroom, the cute, big, pink one. It had a huge closet and more space than any 7 year old could ever need. This was now Julia’s room, of course, and I had the smaller one. It was a Saturday night in the summer, and my mom was tucking me into my gigantic pink bed. She gave me a kiss on the cheek and told me that she loved me. I could still smell her strong perfume…she must’ve been going out that night. She was wearing a leather jacket and more makeup than usual.

                By now, I knew where I was. I was back to that night. The night my whole life changed for the worst. My eyelids got heavy and I drifted off to sleep, hugging my favorite stuffed monkey. My life was so much easier before that night, I had two parents who loved me and a house all to myself. But, when the sun started shining through my window in the morning, and I opened my eyes, I could tell something was wrong. I didn’t usually wake up by myself, my mom would come in every morning and wake me up so I could keep her company. This morning, she wasn’t there. The house was unusually quiet. So, I made my way downstairs, still clutching my monkey. Sitting on the couch was Cheryl.

At the time, Cheryl wasn’t a witch. She was my mom’s best friend, but I always knew she was jealous of her. Cheryl was jealous of my mom’s husband (my dad). Cheryl was jealous of my dad’s money. I knew this because every time Cheryl came over, I saw her examining things with this look in her eyes. The look was hard to describe, but it was definitely a look of jealousy. When I was little, I didn’t necessarily like Cheryl, but I didn’t hate her either. She was nice to everyone but there was always something off about her.

                When Cheryl told me the news, she turned off the TV and sat me down on the couch. My 7 year old brain didn’t know how to process it. My 7 year old brain didn’t know what death was. All I knew was that my mother got in a car accident the night before, and I was never going to see her again. And judging by the way Cheryl was dressed, Cheryl was with my mom at whatever party my mom was at.

I felt scared. My mother was my best friend when I was little. She taught me everything I knew. And when my dad got back from wherever he was all day, probably the hospital, he wouldn’t talk to anyone. I didn’t know the word for it when I was 7, but now I do. He was depressed. He withdrew from the world for a couple of months, and during that time, Cheryl stayed by his side. She waited on him hand and foot. I knew she was looking for something. She didn’t care about my dad. She didn’t care about me. She started to be mean to me when her and my dad started dating. It was always behind my father’s back, and I never told him about the cruel things she said to me. I never told him because those couple months where he was depressed were the worst months of my life. And when he started dating Cheryl, he wasn’t depressed anymore and there was always more life in him.

                The memories started to fade again, back to where they were in the back of my mind. I started to come back to reality, as I heard beeping and quiet whispers all around me. But, I noticed one more thing that my 7 year old mind didn’t know about. Something that I didn’t see until now, that I didn’t even think about. Cheryl was always jealous of my mom and the fact that she married a rich man. Cheryl was with my mom the night that she was in a car accident. And, to add to that, I never saw Cheryl cry about my mother’s death, even though they were the best of friends. When Cheryl told me the news, only hours after she died, her makeup still looked perfect. Her eyes weren’t puffy or red.

                As I lay there wherever I was, before I woke up, left with only my thoughts and the faint sounds of things around me, I realized something. Cheryl definitely had something to do with the death of my mother.

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