Not Your Typical Cinderella

(One Direction not famous)

When Rose was only 7, her mom passed away. Her dad got remarried to Cheryl three years later. Rose feels it in her heart that Cheryl only loves her dad for his money. She treats her stepdaughter Rose terribly and favors her own daughter, Julia much more. When something tragic happens to her dad on her 17th birthday, Rose is desperate to prove, along with her friends Shannon, Ava, and Griffen, that it was all Cheryl's fault. Little does she know that along the way, she will meet new people, fall in love, and get her heart broken.


18. evidence 1

      "I can't just leave, Harry. There's a murderer in this house and she's getting away with it!" When I realized what I had just said, tears started to stream down my face. My life was a wreck. There was no way of hiding from it.

      Harry grasped my arms in his huge hands looking into my eyes.

      "She won't get away with it," he looked angry as he let go of me and walked to the other side of the bedroom. I turned to face him.

      "My dad died of heart failure, Harry. There's no way to prove that Cheryl had anything to do with that. That's why the doctors didn't even look into his death," I tried to explain to him.

      He slowly opened the door of my bedroom, I heard his footsteps down the hallway. It sounded like he was walking towards Cheryl's room. I followed after him, my heart pounding. If Cheryl ever knew we were snooping around in her room...I wouldn't even want to think about that.

       "Harry! What are you doing!" I snapped, sneaking up behind him as he tore apart the cabinets in her bathroom. He didn't turn around. He was on some sort of mission to keep me safe. "Harry! You can't do this! She'll find out!" The fear in my voice must have shown, because he turned around and looked up at me.

       "There has to be evidence somewhere in here! She's not that smart!" He was placing lotions and shampoos behind him, trying to get to the back of the cabinet.

         When he emptied the entire thing and there was nothing important hiding, he groaned. I motioned for him to move over, and stuck my head inside the wood opening. I pulled a small packet of yellow powder out of the back corner. It was almost out of sight. I held it up in front of his face.

         "Harry," I started, "could this be something!"

          He took it in his hands, examining it. He nodded and put it aside, starting to fill the cabinets with Cheryl's things again.




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