The New Girl

Ashlynn Brookes didn't want to move to England. But, being a daughter of a famous buisness man had a catch. She's only 17, there for she can't live out on her own. One Direction, a british irish boyband that needed an attitude adjustment, thus being sent back to school. When Ashlynn and One Direction go to the same school, will all hell break loose, or will just there be a happy ever after?


2. School.

I groaned as I flipped off my alarm clock. Stupid.. Oh shit. School. I quickly got up, going inside the shower. I rinsed off my Strawberry shampoo, and dried my hair. I curled the tips of my brunette hair, brushing back my bangs. I picked out an outfit for the day ( and walking downstairs. "Morning dad." I said. "Morning. Kyle's coming to school with you." he said. "Kyle? My bodyguard Kyle?" I asked. "Yup, you don't want a repeat of last time dont you?" he asked. Oh yeah, this guy tried to rob me and I got beaten up at school. "Eh, your right." I said, shrugging. I devoured my chocolate chip pancakes and grabbed my keys to my Ferrari Italia, Kyle snatched it  away and drove me. Well then.

As soon as we got into schhool, paparazzi weretaking pictures. How'd they know? "How'd they know I was here?" I grumbled. "Their quiet smart miss." Kyle chuckled. "Shut it Kyle." I said jokingly. Its hard to joke with him, considering he always wears shades and a tux. We went to the office immediately. "Ashlynn Brookes." I said to the receptionist. "And who is this?" the lady asked. "My bodyguard. Dad's request." I said, shrugging. She nodded and handed me my schedule. Girls started running towards me. Oh shit. I moved aside and they went ahead, holding up 'One Direction' posters. Weirdddd.... 

As soon as I entered the classroom, I knew I wasn't the only new one in class. Another 5 students. Very good looking too.. "Students, we have another new student, Ashlynn Brookes." the teacher said. "Noway! First One Direction, now a famous buisnessman's daughter?" I heard someone whisper. Huh. I noticed the boys at the back, staring at me intently. Kyle immediately explained the reason why he's here and the teacher immediately agreed. "Miss Brookes, take a seat next to Mr Tomlinson." he said, gesturing to a gorgeous boy that had sea blue eyes. I nodded and slipped into a seat.

"Hi, i'm Louis." he said in a doncaster accent. "Ashlynn." I said. "I know." he said, winking. "I know you too." I said, opening my notebook. "Hi i'm Harry." a curly headed boy said, looking back at me. "I know, i'm a fan." I said, smiling.

Louis' POV

She's fucking gorgeous! I mean, Eleanor gorgeous. WAIT WHAT?! Louis stop, you have a girlfriend.. But she's just so pretty, so petite, so small. Well, not small, she has a bodyguard. The boys have taken a liking to her. I know it. But i'm not letting her go that easily.

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