The New Girl

Ashlynn Brookes didn't want to move to England. But, being a daughter of a famous buisness man had a catch. She's only 17, there for she can't live out on her own. One Direction, a british irish boyband that needed an attitude adjustment, thus being sent back to school. When Ashlynn and One Direction go to the same school, will all hell break loose, or will just there be a happy ever after?


1. Moving Day

"But dad, I don't want to go!" I yelled to my dad, who was being relatively stubborn. "I'm sorry Ashlynn, your going to have to go. I'm not leaving you here." he replied crossing his arms. "But, I don't wanna move to England, what about Kate?! I have a best friend, a life!" I said, crossing my arms. 'I'm sorry. The maids packed for you. Your gonna go to school, new friends remember?" he asked. "Their gonna use fme for my money." I said. "How did you know Kate didnt?" he said. "ugh!" I yelled, storming past him, outside the mansion. I hate him! I stormed into the limo as my dad got in, ignoring everything he said, getting ready for a long day of moving.

"Get up, we're here." my dad said grumpily. "Whatever." I said, slipping on my raybans. My dad has fans. A lot of fans. I have fans even, paparazzi is all over us. Not that sort of- Ew, you dirty minded people. Kyle, my bodyguard placed a hand on my lower back to guide me through the paparazzi. As soon as we reached the the house, I gawked. It had 2 pillars on the front, it being a white house. At the back, it had an olympic sized pool, a huge backyard with a trampoline. It had 4 storeys, a home teather, entertainment room and gym, together 11 rooms. I rushed up the spiral staircase, stopping at a door that said 'ASHLYNN'. I opened it and saw a beautiful bedroom. It looked like 2 walls connected to one, a king sized bed, a huge walk in closet that had brands arranged (Hollister, Victoria Secret, Playboy.. etc) and arranged my sock, pants, shorts, tops and belts. Shoes were a different thing. I had a bedside table that holds my iMac, an iPod dock, a lamp and my iPhone charger.

I.Freaking.Love.This.Shit. I looked at the time (8.30) and felt the jetlag taking control of me. I had school tomorrow. Whatever. I slipped on an outfit ( ) and crawled into bed, as soon as my head hit the pillow, I fell into a deep sleep.

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