Before I Die


1. Tell me a lie

   I handed the security guard my pass and took a deep breath, preparing to face the most important moment of my life. I stood at the door of the room where the boys of One Direction were waiting for me. I was finally doing what I always dreamed of doing. I refused to ever die without doing this. I closed my eyes and opened the door.
   When I opened them I was back in my bed, staring at a poster of them. I can never stop dreaming about them. As I stared, tears started to fall slowly, until i was bawling on the floor, pretty intensely. My mom heard me and came to my side, comforting me. 
   "I want them so bad," I sobbed. "I just need to meet them before I die. I have to." I couldn't help but think about this all the time. No one ever understood how much they meant to me. "You know that can't happen. It's impossible now." She told me. She was right, and I knew it darn well. I just could never bring myself to accept the fact that it won't happen. I cried even harder into her shoulder. She sat there and comforted me, knowing how hard it was for me to deal with. After a while, she pulled out her phone and started searching something.

      A few weeks later, I pulled into the parking lot and stepped out into the rainy London air. I held the letter in one hand and a pack of tissues in the other, just in case. I made my way over to the gate, and took a deep breath before walking in. My heart raced as I walked through the wet grass. I searched for the right spot, and smiled when I finally found it. I walked towards to spot where the boys of One Direction were waiting for me. I was finally doing what I always dreamed of doing. I couldn't believe it was finally happening, even if people thought I was crazy for doing this. 
   I finally reached the right spot and stood there for a minute, taking it all in. I smiled and sat on the ground before the five graves that held my five idols. I talked to each of them, telling them my story. I told them about how I loved them so much, and how they made a huge impact on my life. I told them about how depressed I got after the plane crash, how I didn't know where to go to for inspiration. I told them about how I missed them more than anything. I missed their twitcams, their funny tweets, their amazing performances, and everything they did to make me smile. I told them about how I never stop listening to their old songs, even though they're gone.
   I hated thinking about how they'll never record another song, or make another album or video diary again. There are still millions of fans that never got to meet them in person. I  always wanted so badly to meet them, and hug them, and hear them laugh, and look into their eyes. But I knew that was impossible now. After talking to them for a few hours and covering almost every tissue in snot, sobs, and tears, I set my letter to the boys on their graves, and waved goodbye. I walked out of the cemetery smiling, and i knew, wherever they were, they were smiling too.


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