The Lighthouse - Oneshot (Niam)

Liam is in a bad mood and Niall tries to cheer him up.


1. Oneshot

Niall had picked up Liam from his place. He had the whole day planned for his best friend, and secret crush. He just wanted to show him a good time. Niall really had no reason behind why he wanted to. He was just in a good mood and wanted to show Liam the love he hid from his friend.

Liam on the other hand was not really in the best of moods. He just wanted to lay around and mope around the house. It was just an off day. But when Niall came in to steal him away, he wasn’t having any of it. Niall forced Liam to get up and get dressed for the day. Despite how messy his locks were, Liam still looked breathtaking to Niall.

Niall could tell Liam wasn’t in one of his best moods so he decided to be the best friend he can and take Liam to his favorite ice cream pallor. When Niall had paid for Liam’s ice cream, he swore he saw Liam smile. But that smile faded just as quickly as it came. Niall studied Liams face as he sat across from his friend. “What’s wrong, mate?” Niall questioned him. Liam just shrugged. He wasn’t really in the mood for talking that much. This concerned Niall, but it also gave him an idea. “Follow me!” Niall said with the biggest grin on his face. Liam looked at him a little concerned but did as he was told.

Niall drove and drove for what seemed like hours to Liam. Eventually they came to a stop. “Where are we?” Liam asked. Niall didn’t give him a direct response. “Ssh, just follow.” Niall said, getting out of the vechile. Liam hesitantly followed him behind.

Niall guided Liam by the arm, that slowly slipped down to his hand as he lead him through a tiny path; that disappeared behind a several trees.

Upon their final arrival, Liam gasped as he took in the sight that laid out in front of him. There, at the very edge of a cliff, was the Irish Sea. It looked as if it went on forever. The sun set perfectly at the horizon, and looked like it was touching the water. Over to the right, in the far distance, you could see a small lighthouse. The view was absolutely breathtaking. Occasionally you could hear the fog horn in the distance.

“I come up here to think sometimes” Niall said breaking the silence. Liam snapped out of whatever thoughts were running through his mind at the time, before turning to Niall. “How did you find this place?” Liam questioned him. Niall just shrugged his shoulders. He really didn’t know. He just stumbled upon it once day. “I’ve known of it for awhile, I just never shared it with anybody..”

“Well it’s a beautiful place, Ni. I’m glad you showed me your secret place” Liam said as he gave Niall a small smile. “No Liam, it’s our secret place now…” Niall said before taking a few steps closer to Liam.

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