The Real Romeo And Juliet: a one direction fanfic

This is a story about a girl named Ashley that never planed on meeting the love of her life Harry Styles. As soon as they meet they instinly fall in love. But everything starts to fall apart when it's time for the boys to go back on tour. Will Harry leave forever? Will he pop the big question? Or will Ashley just get in the way?


10. The Next Big Step

Harry takes you outside to a limo. What's all this? Come on you'll see. As you pass each street you see reenactments of every day you and harry have ever spent together. You look at Harry and laugh. What's all this? Just keep watching. As you get to the final act the limo stops. When the act is over you turn around to see a note and rose pettles leading out the door. The note said "follow the pettles for our next big step." You follow the pettles all the way to a beach were you see Harry waiting for you. So what's are next big step? Why don't you push this button and tell me. As you hit the button a huge firework show appares spelling out the words Ashley will you marry me? As you turn to Harry you see him on one knee holding a beautiful diamond ring. You eyes start to fill with water. So Ash will you marry me. Yes! Harry slips the ring on your finger. When Harry stands up you give him a huge hug and kiss. You and Harry hold hands and walk back to the limo. You get in the limo and head home to pack.
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