The Real Romeo And Juliet: a one direction fanfic

This is a story about a girl named Ashley that never planed on meeting the love of her life Harry Styles. As soon as they meet they instinly fall in love. But everything starts to fall apart when it's time for the boys to go back on tour. Will Harry leave forever? Will he pop the big question? Or will Ashley just get in the way?


9. The Day Of The Ball

You walk in and see Avery. Hey I thought you said you weren't coming. I changed my mind. Cool! Then I guess I'll see you on the dance floor. K. As you go to dance the song changes to a slow song. I wish Harry was here. All of a sudden you see a helicopter land on a hill just a couple miles away. You go to a phone and call a cab. You end up at the top of the hill 10min latter to see Louis and his girlfriend getting off the helicopter. Oh hey guys. Hey! Why do you look so sad? I just thought it might have been Harry. Oh we'll I do have some good news. Really! What is it? They found Harry! Really? We're is he? Why don't you see for yourself. What? Louis takes his girlfriend and walks away. We're are you going? To the ball! It's my birthday present! Well what do I do? Just wait there. Louis goes into the cab and drives away. All of a suddenly you hear someone call your name. Harry? You turn around to see Harry standing right behind you. Harry your here! I couldn't let you miss the ball! You got me so scared. How? You didn't call, your phone was dead, and you were missing. Oh. Ya! Well we better go before we miss everything. Harry grabs your hand and you both run to the ball. When you get there Harry slips on his mask and escorts you in. You look nice. Thanks! Do you want to dance? Of course I do. You and Harry dance for 3 songs in a row. So when do you have to leave again? Before midnight. So in 30 minutes. Ya but this time I want it to be different. How? Come with me.
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