The Real Romeo And Juliet: a one direction fanfic

This is a story about a girl named Ashley that never planed on meeting the love of her life Harry Styles. As soon as they meet they instinly fall in love. But everything starts to fall apart when it's time for the boys to go back on tour. Will Harry leave forever? Will he pop the big question? Or will Ashley just get in the way?


8. Missing In Action

He still hasn't called! Ok well I have to go so texted me if anything happened. K I will. Avery walks put the door and drives away. All of sudden you get a call. Hello. Hey Ash. Harry? No it's Zayn. Oh we'll I haven't heard from Harry in a while is he ok. Ya he's fine! I think? What? Well we can't find him anywhere and his phone is dead. We thought you might know we're he was. No did you call the police. Ya. Well what did they say? They think he got on the round plane. How did not notice that he was missing? Cuz they made us sit in all different sections. Oh we'll let's just hope that he's ok.
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