The Real Romeo And Juliet: a one direction fanfic

This is a story about a girl named Ashley that never planed on meeting the love of her life Harry Styles. As soon as they meet they instinly fall in love. But everything starts to fall apart when it's time for the boys to go back on tour. Will Harry leave forever? Will he pop the big question? Or will Ashley just get in the way?


1. How We Met

 One day you are sitting in a diner having lunch when one direction walked in. Everyone stands up and cheered but you. You justed watched the boys walk in one by one and sit down. When you looked over at Harry you reaize that he was looking at you to. After the performance you get ready to leave when you feel somone tap your sholder. You turn around to see and Harry Styles standing right behind you. He ask's you what your name was and you talked for a good 20min before he had to leave. Before he left he gives you his number and says that he will call you the next time he's in town. You stay up intill 12:30am thinking about what had happened when you get a text from an unknown caller saying " know that we have just met but I can't get you out of my head." You run over to your dresser to see if the number from the phone and piece a paper match. You open up the paper to find that they match. You quickly run back to your phone and reply "I know how you feel". The next morning you get up and decied to call the number from the night before. You take out your phone and start calling the number. All of a sudden you hear a voice that dosen't sound like Harrys. Harry? no this is Zayn but I'll go see if I can find Harry for you. All of a sudden you hear a voice come through the phone that sounds familiar. Is this Harry? yes whos this? It's Ashley. Oh hi so what's up? Nothing rilly just wondering when your going to be in town. Actually were going to be down here for a couple more days. Oh cool so do you and the boys want to come over and hang out for a bit. Sure will be there in about 15min. Ok see you than. After you hang up with Harry you quickly run around the house cleaning room after room. Finally you hear the door bell and quickly rush to the door. You open the door to see Harry holding a bunch of flowers and the boys standing behind him. You welcome them all in and start to show them around the house.

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